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I look into the mirror …. Nothing …. Nothing I want to see … I wipe off the makeup from my face. Why can’t I be like the other girls? Perfect blonde hair that lays straight, perfectly skinny , Nice clothes that look super expensive and all the guys notice them. I lay on my bed wondering these questions all night till I fall asleep. I walk into school the next day. As always no one notices me like I’m invisible…. I bump into the queen bee Elizabeth

“Watch we’re you’re going freak!”

There are five people in the popular group: Elizabeth ( Leader) , Margie, Alyssa , Jamie and Brianna . They basically run the school.

You get one of them mad and they will make your life a living hell.

She walks away to her boyfriend Blake. She Makes out with him ( of course) in front of everyone so she can make her point that he is hers and their “madly in love”  so I have heard. If any girl goes near Blake they get verbally harassed and teased by the populars. Every girl hates them together because everyone knows he deserves much better then a rotten skank. Well that’s what I think . I turn away from there make out session and pick up all the papers I dropped when I bumped into Elizabeth. I stuff them into my bag and hurry into class.


As soon as the bell rings I start to walk home. Just before I get off of school property, Elizabeth starts walking towards me.  I feel a tap so I turn around to see Elizabeth smirking and holding a pink smoothie before I could ask why she tapped me she threw the smoothie all over my white shirt. Everyone started laughing. I could feel the tears coming so I turned around and started running home. I got home and stepped through the door. My father was holding a beer in he’s hands I knew he was drunk. I tried to walk silently so he would know I’m home. My father gets abusive when he drunks so I don’t like to be around him. I’m almost to my room when the floor cracks …..”crap” I thought

“LAUREN!” My father shouts loudly

“Uh yes dad?” I say

“Go to the store and get me some Ginger Ale NOW! The money is on the table. Make sure it’s the one I like. “

“Okay father.”  

I grab the money and walk to the corner store. Once I got there and grab the ginger ale and come home my dad was sleeping in he’s chair. I leave the ginger ale on the table and go back to my room to finish up some homework from last week. An hour later my dad comes busting in through my door.


“ uh um… It was the only one they had!”

“BULLSH**” he slaps me across the face.

“ I’m sorry , I’ll go back and get the right one!” I say while tears fall from my face onto my pants.

“ Da** right you will!” “And stop that crying it annoys me so much!”

He walks out of my room.  

                                  The Ginger Ale

I decide to go to Wal-Mart to get some Canada Dry ( the one he likes) I take the money out of the cabinet and head for the bus stop. 15 minutes later the bus drops me and a few people at Wal-Mart. I run in and grab the ginger ale and wait 30 minutes for the bus to come. Once the bus comes I hop on and sit down in the back. I get off the bus and started to walk home. I step through the door and put the ginger ale on the counter and give him one. Without a thank you he plops back on to he’s chair and watches more football. I walk back into my room and lay on my bed I start to cry. Without knowing it I pick up a  razor and slit a cut on my arm. I look down at my shirt sleeve. Half of it is red. Blood red.

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