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I looked up and sure enough, there was a sniper pointing straight at me. A male clad in black was looking through the scope. I dived behind the nearest wall just as a bullet hit where I was previously standing.

My heart was racing, my blood was pumping. I could feel my hands start to tremor but this was not the time for adrenaline to take control over my body. It was time to focus.

I was covered for now.

"Zane where the fuck are you" I muttered into my earpiece.

"Covered. To your right."


While lying on the ground I pulled out my AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. This would have to do. I loaded it up and lined up my sights on the target.

I took a deep breath, slowly eased the trigger back and the shot fired.

"Sniper down"

There was silence. No more gunfire.

"Let's fucking go home Hart"

We crawled out of cover. The silence of gunfire was eerie yet peaceful but I could still hear my heart hammering in my head.

"Tango 23, standing by"

"Tango 23 go ahead"

"Yeah radio, shots fired. Target has been hit, requ-"

What the fuck was that. I looked at Zane. All I could see was red seeping through his shirt. He had been hit. He had been fucking hit.

"Zane get the fuck down. Tango 23 urgent, Zulu 1 has been shot. I repeat, urgent, Zulu 1 has been hit" I repeated over into my headset.

Zane slowly sat down but he still wasn't covered. I crawled towards him and shoved my arms under his armpits from behind. I felt a bullet whizz past my head before I even heard the fucking thing. I walked backwards dragging Zane along the ground until we made it behind the wall.

"Fucking stay with me Zane. We gotta go home" I muttered. I rummaged through my vest and found my tourniquet.

"Tango 23, medics are on the way. Sitrep when ready"

"Tango 23 urgent, covered but under fire. Zulu 1 in critical condition."

I could hear the sirens in the distance. But they weren't close enough. I threw my tourniquet aside and pulled out a set of bandages. I ripped off Zane's vest and pulled his shirt aside. He was shivering.

"Come on Zane. No time for shock, fucking stay with me man".

I began packing in his wound with the bandage, trying to stop the blood but it wouldn't fucking stop. My hands were sticky and drenched. All I could see was red. I kept packing the wound until I had no more bandages. I could hear the others storm the building now. I could hear the shots fire behind me.

I felt someone grab my hand.


His breathing sounded hoarse like he was gurgling and wheezing at the same time. "Tell Lily..." he mumbled.

"No Zane, you tell her. Stay with me. It's going to be ok".

"Tell Lily, I love her".

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