➳Chapter 3➳

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"Okay." I said as the bell rang, meaning lunch was over and we had to head to our classes. Thank God I have two lessons left of the day.


It's time to race the Bad Boy...

Bella's POV

The last two lessons went very fast. Finally I was out of this hell hole or what you guys call it 'High School'

I smirked remembering that I had to race the Bad Boy now. To be honest I wasn't really nervous. Maybe a little bit but, I wasn't going to admit that to anybody. If I did I'd proberly have to kill them afterwards because they knew to much. Hehe.

I walk out of the school seeing a massive crowd near someone's car.

"Hey there she is" someone called out, pointing at me.

Whispers erupted from the crowd and people pointed at me, as I walked to the car, that everyone was surrounding. Some people cheered, others snickered. I guess word got out that I was racing the Bad Boy. Now, everyone wants to see me beat his ass.

I neared a jet black Ferrari. It was really awesome. Shh! Don't tell anyone I commented that car.

Suddenly the Bad Boy slammed the car door, making me jump. His girl- I mean Ashley sat on the hood of the car. Is she even allowed to do that? Her jaw had a bandage round it and there were still splodges of green paint on her face. She had dried up lips. Hahaha. Oh God! She looks terrible.

"Hey babe" He smirked at me. The crowd was suddenly quiet, trying to listen to our conversation.

"Don't babe me. Let's get on with this." I bit down on my lip, trying to stop a nervous remark coming out.

"Aww is the little Bad Girl nervous." He pinched my cheeks.

I slapped his hands away. "Me nervous. Pssht! In your dreams" I laughed.

"Oh, you can count on it." He winked.

"Are we going to start." I tapped my foot impatiently.

"Let's get this show on the road." He smirked.

Suddenly, one of Ashley's minions came in with Chase. They stood right next to us.

"So we're going to go over the rules." Chase started. "This is Ashley's fill in for the race. Erm....."

"Emily." She snapped at Chase, then turning around and winking at Dylan. Ewww!

"So she's going to start the race. Rules are: No cheating, No pushing the other person of the track, No seducing the other person-"

"Why the hell would we even do that?" I asled disgusted.

"Darling, I've seen people do that. Anyway, clean race and you're racing until the end of the road. Good luck racers." He waved us on.

We both jogged to our cars. Me obviously jogging to my red beauty (a.k.a my Ferrari) and Dylan going to his black Ferrari. We both slowly drove to the start of the road, were Emma?No, Ella? Ellie? No , it's Emma. Right? Anyway (I think) Emma stood there in a skimpy outfit (like always) with a checkered black and white flag in her hand. We both parked on the two sides.

People stood all around us filling the whole road. Till the end. Damn.

"Good luck babe. Don't take it so hard when I win." Dylan shouted to me, smirking.

"Good luck baby. I won't make it to hard when I win." I smirked, as I saw his shocked face, when I said 'baby.'

The black and white flag was brought up in the air. Signalling us to get ready and in a flash it was slammed down.

I raced off. Not a care in the world. I was a halfway there, noticing all the trees and scenery was a blur as I whizzed passed. I noticed a black spot catching up to me. My feet immediately pressed on the gas pedal harder as one of my hands clasped around the wheel as I drove with on hand, my other hand occupied by opening the window.

I could see my opponent nearing me. I pressed harder into the pedal. My blue vans now digging into the pedal. I squinted my eyes a little as I saw the end of the raod coming near. I saw a massive crowd and Emily and Chase standing in the middle of the road.

I turned my head to see where Dylan was. He was close behind but, not close enough to beat me.

The ending neared. I saw the checkered flag go down as I passed the finishing line. People moved, as I did a massive drift turn causing smoke to fill the air. Cliché I know but, it did happen. I slammed the car door shut, with my keys in my hands. Cheering erupted from the crowd around me. I smirked in approval.

I walked up to the loser, who leaned  against his hood. He wore an angry expression.

"Hey Bad Boy." I smirked.

"You cheated." He growled.

"Baby, winning isn't cheating." I smirked, as I twirled my keys in my hand.

"You can't have won. I'm the all time champion." He looked lost. In all honesty, he looked so adorable, that I'd want to cuddle him.

"I always street race." I pat his cheeks, as his honey coloured eyes bored into my crystal blue ones. "Be at my house with a caramel latte from Starbucks at 6:30" I smirked as he groaned.

"See you later." I winked at him and walked back into my car. My brother would get a ride from someone. So, I drove home, to rest from the exhausting day that I had.


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