Chapter 22: Is The Fish Salted Today?

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Chapter 22: Is The Fish Salted Today?

The brother Jiannan, whose real name is Cui Jiannan, mentioned by Fang Shubai is a middle-aged actor who has played many classic roles.

He has won official best actor awards in the country. He is well-maintained, still looking tall and handsome, with an air of maturity that young boys do not have.

Being mature and out of polite manners, Cui Jiannan followed Fang Shubai and planned to greet Fang Shubai’s senior sister. He originally had a smile on his face, but after hearing the conversation between Fang Shubai and You Qiuqiu, his smile instantly dropped.

He quite likes juniors like Fang Shubai, he is not in competition with young ones like him, so the two of them can be said to get along with each other pretty well.

Fang Shubai was actually quite enthusiastic with everyone, and he was very persistent in asking where everyone was from.

At that time, Cui Jiannan didn’t think much of it.

Until he heard the young man tell the pretty girl to eat him, a Sichuanese.

? ? ?

Cui Jiannan is not very keen on surfing the Internet, and has no idea that this is just a joke, he is a little disturbed.

It was said that this would be a show about a comfortable leisurely and healthy rural life, why did it suddenly involve cannibalism!

Cui Jiannan almost asked for his agent to be called on the spot and immediately take him away from this terrible program.

The program group was actually dumbfounded and confused by the dialogue between Fang Shubai and You Qiuqiu too.

You Qiuqiu was not too surprised to see Fang Shubai. She just realized it. No wonder Fang Shubai asked her yesterday if she had anything scheduled. He knew she was coming to the show.

She earnestly said, “As everyone knows, Cantonese people don’t eat spicy food very much, not to mention the spicy food of the Sichuanese. They even choose super spicy flavor when they eat hot pot. Do you want this senior sister to die?”

“So Fujianese is still better.”

Fang Shubai, “…”

When Fang Shubai was teased enough, You Qiuqiu turned to greet the shocked Cui Jiannan.

She innocently said, “Hello, Teacher Cui.”

She recognized Cui Jiannan, her parents like his shows very much.

Cui Jiannan also greeted You Qiuqiu. After You Qiuqiu explained that cannibalism is just idle talk and a joke between them, Cui Jiannan finally took a sigh of relief.

He’s too gullible.

He thought to himself, how can such an innocent and beautiful girl eat people.

However, after this opening, the atmosphere of the show became more harmonious in an instant, and the distance between people was shortened.

Cui Jiannan had no pretensions at all, and told You Qiuqiu that she didn’t need to call him teacher. Just like Fang Shubai, she could just call him Cui Ge (TN: Ge = brother, I think). You Qiuqiu did not decline, and started calling him Cui Ge.

Fang Shubai and You Qiuqiu are very happy to appear in a variety show again.

It can be said that he is very happy to meet Yu Qiuqiu. The two of them have kept in touch privately after following each other on Weibo.

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