The end

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Hey guys. It's the end already. I love writing this story so much and I hope you enjoy it as much too. There will be an epilogue after this. ENJOYYY

It's the graduation day.
I know I'll meet Ken at the ceremony, so I'm wearing the necklace he gave me, pair with a turquoise pleated dress. I wear the graduation gown over the dress. The necklace is tucked down under the gown because I don't want to expose it. I will wait for a right moment to show it. My hair is falling over my left shoulder. I take a last look at myself and set off.

The graduation ceremony is held at the school auditorium. It's going to start in an hour. I step into the hall filled with the black gowns. I see many familiar faces.

"Kris, Over here" I turn toward the sound of my name. It is Ben and James in the gowns. It's strange that Donna isn't with them. Opps there she is, holding 2 drinks in her hands. She's stunning. She wears a pink knee-length laces dress with red heels and red lips. Her hair flows freely down till almost her bottoms. She hasn't put on the graduation gown yet. I head toward them.

"You would be the prettiest in the party if my girlfriend is not here." James says with a smirk. Donna punches his hand but she smiles.
"Hey, Ignore him." Donna says.
Ben opens his arms for a hug. It's a friendly hug. Exam week has been so stressful, it's so nice to meet them without the creases on their foreheads.
"Hi." He said. He. The He.
I turn around. And there he is. Ken Hembrick.
He gives me his lopsided smile. I smile back. He looks surprise by my smile, and I remember that I haven't told him about my decision.
"Can we talk?" I said, almost a whisper because I don't want our friend to hear. Not like they'll hear anyway, they are so lost in their little conversation about colleges.
Ken nods. I lead the way to a corridor that has no one.
I stop mid-hall and Ken almost bumps into me.
"Sorry" He says politely and I flinch at his voice. It's been so long since I heard this voice. Wait, it's only about a month, but it feels like eternity.
"Um...I got your gift and your letter." I can't meet his gaze. He's silence. He's the boy. He should make the move. Why does he have to make it so difficult for me? At least say something.
"Um...." I can't get the words out. He should say something. He looks uncomfortable which only make me feel worse.
"Where are you going to college?" He asks out of nowhere.
"Where are you going to college?" I'm not telling him first. What if he's changed his mind? I don't want to look like a jerk in front of him again.
"Do you like my gift?" Why is he changing the subject?
"Yes. Dawn. It's very nice. Thank you." I said. Now it's hard to go back to the topic.
"About college? Um...Its still Atlanta. And you?" Yes! Atlanta.
"Me too. I'm taking the risk." I said, beaming. I take our the necklace, twirling it in front of Ken. He is speechless. He is shock, eyes wide, mouth slightly parted, making me hungry. But he makes the move. He kisses me hungrily. Honey.

"I love you" He says as soon as we break apart, gasping for oxygen.
"We can rent an apartment. Wait, are we going to live in separate dorm? But that's okay, we'll meet everyday. I'll go to your school everyday. We can eat outside-"
"Ken! Ken. Calm down." I'm amused by his happiness.
"I cant." He says and kisses me again. Slowly and passionately this time.

We walk back to the ceremony, hand in hand. We kiss again before entering the hall.

We got our certificates. We decided to go for pizza. Our table erupts every 10 seconds from laughter. James is hilarious. We laugh until our stomach hurt that we can't take in any more pizza. Everybody stares at us which make the situation even funnier.

It's 7pm, Ken and I head back to school for the evening ceremony. When we get out of the car, Ken drags me to a wall. His hips press against mine, pinning me against the wall. I'm still wearing my turquoise dress, the necklace is out. We make out outside the school gate until it's really time to go inside.

And I step into the night with the boy that gives me happily ever after. The boy that shows me it's okay to be imperfect. That it's okay to make mistakes. The boy that leaves me no doubt that I love him, will always love him.
Ken Hembrick, you are the love of my life and my closest, truest best friend.

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