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Sufi tradition describes the seven stages of ishq as :

Dilkashi (Attraction)
Uns (Attachment)
Mohabbat (Love)
Akidat (Trust)
Ebadat (Worship)
Junoon (Madness)
Maut (Death)

The first stage of beginning of a story, eyes meet, sparks initiated and something happens.

"Hame sab manjoor hai, kabool hai, par hamari saans kisi aur ke naam kar de,
dil kisi aur ke liye dadka de, ye manjoor nahi, kabool nahi"

The most blissful of all stages.

"yun to jeene ko har koi jeeta hain, saans lene ko har koi leta hain,
hum bhi sans le lete hain, par kasam khuda ki, har sans tumhare naam karte hain"

This stage initiates the process in love. Here one started trusting someone more than anything and anyone

In this stage love reaches at the extend of worshiping the beloved where nothing can be wrong with the object of worship. Here love not ends even after a denial by the beloved instead leads to the next stage of love

In this stage one finds his own identity incomplete without beloved thus his urge to have love reaches to the level of obsession and madness. A stage where mind stops working and heart starts ruling everything

The final stage of love now the self identity is completely lost. Here the existence of lover depends on the existence of beloved. There is no turnaround. The final end of a love story either from both the lover or the boy as he believe he can't exist without her

"hum har saans tumhare naam kar jayenge, hum maut bhi muskura ke kabool kar lenge"

Nothing as such was just remembering #SidNaaz because that's what I have been doing from past many days. Some of you might agree and some might not and then I came across these 7 stages and that moment itself I knew #SidNaaz story is complete maybe not the way we wanted, maybe not the way they wanted but still it's complete in a way no one could ever imagine, he was with her till his last breathe, he fulfilled his promise of being with her, and I am sure he is gonna be there for her and his family throughout their lives. Just wrote it randomly, if this hurted anyone sentiments I am sorry but this was the way maybe many could start living our lives again, I know it's never gonna be the same, the void won't be fulfilled but we have to show him, his fans are as strong as he was.

Love story is not always about whether we are physically with each other or not, it's more about the emotional support we have towards the other one.
You believe or not I don't know but I believe when a story starts it needs to end, but sometimes the end is tragic and in that case God re writes the same story again, for us to witness something so great again.

I'm not declaring the end of #Sidnaaz as tragic as it has not ended, they would live in each one of us, Sidharth would be there in his family and in his Shehnaaz, we lost him I agree but he got what he wanted, true love...
Considering his life about how private he was the last two appearances he gave with Shehnaaz, maybe was the way for his lovers, for their lovers to cherish those moments, maybe it was for us to keep them alive in our hearts just the way they would do it, Shehnaaz has lost her love, but her soul found someone she could depend on her life time.

She is grieving his family is grieving, let them, time is a healer, they would be back, not sure if they would be the same but they would definitely make him happy and that is what we should do to, make him happy and not curse our destiny.

Take care Guys
Om Shanti

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