What happened?

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I begin to wake up, I instantly look around for Ash, I soon start panicking frantically. where am I? What happened? "Ash omg Thank God you're okay" I hear a voice I snap my head in their direction. "Mikey? Mikey where's Ash?" I ask slowly. "He's gone to get lunch, Ash told me you had been rushed into hospital and I got here as quickly as possible and.." I don't let Mikey finish, I grab him and hug him tightly, I look over his shoulder and see Ash running into the room. "ASH OMG YOU'RE OKAY" tears begin steaming down my face, Mikey leaves to give me and Ash some time alone. "Ash, I've missed you so much, what happened? Why am I here? How long have I been here?" Ash hugs me tightly. "I've missed you too babe. 1) you collapsed at Harry's football game yesterday morning 2) you stopped breathing and 3) since yesterday morning, it's been horrible not having a conversation with you, I've been by your bed the whole time, I love you beautiful" Ash says, before I could reply he connects our lips, we kiss for a few minutes before he pulls away because someone walked in the room and made a loud coughing sound. "Hi Ashleigh, is it alright if I check your heartbeat before we let you go" I nod to the doctor and she listens to my heartbeat. "Perfect, all good to go, just be careful not to get too excited about anything or have too many energy drinks like red bull for example because....." "It'll damage the Ol' ticker" Ash interrupts finishing the doctors sentence while staring into my eyes. I nod "Exactly, Oh of course, you have the same problem don't you?" Ash nods, I look at him and smile. "I'll leave you to get ready and then you can leave when you want, go careful and have a good day, bye guys." she states smiling as she leaves the room. "So glad you're better babe" I hug Ash tightly and kiss his cheek. I get dressed and we go to find Mikey and Harry, who were in the restaurant, they see me and run towards me hugging me tightly, Harry runs to me, tears in his eyes. "I missed you so much Ash." He says, I kneel down to wipe away his tears and to then hug him. "Let's go then." I say standing up and hugging Mikey before holding Ash's hand. We walk to Ash's car and drive home, Mikeys heading back to the airport tonight. We get home and Lauren runs down the stairs and tackles me in a massive hug "so? How'd it go?" "Alright, but I have to take care 'of the Ol' ticker'" I say making speech mark signals and looking towards Ash and Anne. "Same as Ash then, MORE ENERGY DRINKS FOR ME WOOOOO" "Wait till you're my age Lauren then you won't be saying that, not that you ever drink energy drinks anyway" Ash States laughing. "Let's go upstairs so you can unpa..." "HAS ANYONE SEEN MY PASSPORT?" Mikey asks, shouting. "Nope, sorry Mikey" "AAAAAAH FUCK IT" "Heeeey don't swear" Ash says making me laugh. "What's happened?" Anne asks walking in with some shopping bags "Mikeys lost his passport." Mikey walks into the room searching everywhere."Mikey just.....stay here tonight we'll help you find it tomorrow" Anne says before Michael hugs her. "Oooooookay anyway let's go upstairs and unpack" I say running up the stairs, closely followed by Lauren. "Who wants to watch a film?" Ash shouts. "YEAH WE'LL BE DOWN IN A SEC". Me and Lauren head down stairs, I sit with Ash and Lauren sits with Harry then Mikey helps Anne put the shopping away. The rest of the evening we were watching movies and eating. I decide to go on Twitter,seeming I haven't been on there in while, I open the app to see my notifications explode with get well soon tweets, I look at Ash who smiles down at me."Did you do this Ash?" I give him my phone and he scrolls through. "Im repaying you for time I was ill and you tweeted telling everyone to tweet me get well soon and got it trending number 1 worldwide." He finishes and leans down to peck me on the lips. I look back at my phone and decide to tweet saying Thankyou to everyone and that I'm better now. I lie my head on Ash's shoulder, cuddling him, I begin to fall asleep, I feel him kiss my head and I smile as I hear him sing a song to me quietly but loud enough for me to hear. I cuddle Ash tightly, never wanting to let go, as I fall into a deep sleep.
Sorry it's a bit short it'll get better I promise I'm just busy atm, Thankyou for your patience 💘

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