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Lydia POV:

Ughh I hate school so much! I wish I could just leave and never come back!

My mom was a drug addict when she was in high school so now everyone thinks ill end up just like her. No one talks to me. They all just stare, glare, and call me names when I walk by.

It'll all be fine in the end though. Half of them are hypocrites anyways. They do drugs an get high right before school starts. ugh. whatever.


First period. English. Great.

English is hell for me. It's the worst subject ever. I still manage to get a B in that class. I have absolutely no idea how but I do. Did I mention I only have one friend. Yeah. One. His name is Dylan he's the only person to talk to me after everyone found out about my mom's problem. It's been a long 3 years but he's made them bearable. He has brown hair and brownish hazel eyes that sparkle in the light. He's really sweet and very sarcastic. He once told me that he's 147 pounds of pale skin and that sarcasm was his best defense. But back to my English issues, I have the craziest woman as a teacher. I mean the woman gives us a book to read, annotate, take tests on and take more tests on. I have plenty of time but I procrastinate a lot!

"Hey Lydia!"

I turn to look and see who it was even though I already knew.

"Hey Dylan. How are you?

"Doing pretty good. How about yourself?"

"Meh... The usual. Just sitting here all alone. No one to talk to but you."

"Well I have a surprise for you later!"

"Can you just tell me now?"




"Alright class, POP QUIZ!!"

Ugh. I hate Mrs Berta....


The day went on slowly and as usual I was alone for half of lunch because Dylan stays back to help his teacher. So I look like a complete loser sitting alone. Which I mean I am because I only have one friend...


Oi why does he always shout...

I turn around to see why Dylan is shouting my name. When I look at him he has a giant box in his arms covering his face.

"What is that Dyl?"

"Oh nothing... Just a really really extremely later or early birthday gift."

"Dylan my birthday was six months ago..."

"Yeah so?"

"So, there was no reason for you to buy me anything!"

"Well... I felt bad for not getting you anything before..."

"Alright. So do I open it now.. Or..?"

"Um we can go to your place later and you can attack me with hugs there. Haha"

"Very funny"



Alright well this is my first non teen wolf story and I hope you guys like it. And the reason I used the name Dylan was because I love Dylan O'Brien (Stiles Stilinski) umm Comment what you think. Hate it? Like it? Let me know. Uh please vote? I'd really like some feedback on this. Ill try to update soon. So yeah COMMENT AND VOTE!!


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