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Hi everyone! :)
So how do you find my story so far?
I hope that you're enjoying it, despite of my slow slooooow sloooooooow update. Thank you for your votes & comments, as a newbie writer they really encourage me. I really worked hard on the recent chapter, like I start from zero all over again for like three times! I don't know if I didn't save it or Wattpad's making fun of me. Anyways, I'll be editing every chapter soon. I'll be planning on translating all chapters to english so it'll be kind of complicated for the future readers. Nevertheless, you could still read it from the beginning (just suggesting) bc I'll be correcting every grammatical errors. (I almost felt ashamed when I checked the first chapter *slaps self*)
And oh, just wanna inform you (not that you're interested) that I'll be getting married next month , so yep I'll be kinda busy but, BUT  I promise to update whenever I can.

That would be all, thank you so much for understanding and keep in mind I love you all mwah.

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