"I'm out girl so you can talk."

"Barney you better sit down then." I turn around.

"Rachel." He whispers.

I smile sadly "No, I'm her daughter Kara. I knew about you since my mother and father talked about there best friends from school when they were still alive, but I'm not here to relive the past but to give you some news about Bridget Mason your wife an mother." Oliver comes and sits next to his dad. I smile sadly.

"I'm sorry to say but Bridget Mason died last year leaving behind you're daughter/sister, that's how she ended up with me since I was supposed to have dinner with Bridget, she wanted to tell me something important but I was too late."

Oliver looks away silent tears falling, Barney staring at me with tear stains on his face.

"How?" he asks brokenly.

"He's back and he got one of his followers to tell Kasey 'a lover for a lover and you'll be next'." Barneys eyes go as hard, you cam obviously see the doors close instantly.

"Big Red will call you, so don't do anything rash."

My phone starts going off. I answer before looking at the caller ID.

"WHERE ARE YOU?" Tazzy shouts. He's panicking. I can hear it in his voice.

"Why? What's wrong?" I ask standing up and turning away from the on looking people.

"TJ said that you went off with the second in command! And we can't find the Leader or any of his guys around! So add that to you gone what else would we be thinking!" I sigh, pinching the bridge of my nose.

"Okay, come up the stairs, Trace will be waiting for you their, he'll show you where I am. Kasey too, she will be up front, she has some people to meet." I hang up, trace goes out of the room not needing me to ask him to.

I drop into the chair, closing my eyes. I hear feet come into the room. Not opening my eyes I ask Kasey to come forward.

"Yeah Krazy?" she asks in a small voice I stand up and open my eyes. I turn so I'm standing next to her, facing Oliver and Barney.

"Does any of these guys remind you of anyone?" I whisper. She looks at me then back at them. She tilts her head slightly.

"Yeah but I can't place them why?" she looks up at me.

I smile "Because that's your brother and father." Her eyes widen then she's in both of their arms. I turn away and motion for the gang to go out.

When we're all out of the room I turn to the guys.

"I'm going home, I need to have some time with Rosie, stay here, Tazzy's in-charge and have fun. Tell Kasey to stay here with her family and to come see me tomorrow. Taz give me the keys to the bike, you'll have to drive the girls back." They all nod before scattering off. Tazzy also nods handing me the keys to the Street Fighter before giving me peck on the cheek.

The house;

When I get into the house it's quiet... and trashed.

"Rita?" I shout scared.

No one answers. I quickly call Reed.

"Hello?" He says on the other line.

"Come quickly! You're house is trashed!" I hang up to call Rita again. She comes out from a room upstairs a frantic look on her face. I run up to her alarmed.

"What happened?" I whisper.

She drops to her knees "They came quickly, I couldn't stop them, and they took all of them." She mumbles.

"Who came? Who did they take?" I ask louder, she doesn't answer. I run towards the Benji's room. The door was already open. No one was in their. The bed sheets were all over the ground. I nearly scream as I see the red writing on the wall.

I read:

Come and get them Krazy, before it's too late. With the Stinger Bee's Leader or alone whatever but you know what we want. Can't wait to see you love,

P.S. You're brothers death wasn't an accident, I just loved every second of it.

I run to my room which was trashed also. I change into some blue skinny jeans and a skin tight black long skivvy and leather jacket and my black army boots. I get the bag I packed ages ago out from under my bed and quickly throw it over my shoulder.

I run out the room, and bend down to Rita's level.

"I'll bring them back, don't worry." I whisper kissing her forehead lightly before running down the stairs, out the door and on my bike again.

I ride off before Reed comes home and stops me.

Reeds P.O.V

"Hello?" I say into my phone. I was just looking around bored now that Kara was gone I didn't feel up to having a party.

Kara's scared voice comes from the other side "Come quickly! You're house is trashed!"

Hearing that I run quickly to my car, I can hear my gang and Kara's are following behind.

20 minutes later;

Running into the house I scream.

"MUM!" I shout running up the stairs to look from my mother.

"Reed, she's over here in the kitchen!" I hear from downstairs. I run back down and into the kitchen to see my mother holding a cup of tea close to her. When she sees me she gets up and hugs me to her.

"Where's Kara?" I whisper since when I called out she would have answered.

"She left..." she sobs into my shirt.

Before I can ask why I hear a cry coming from upstairs and footsteps coming down; Tara comes down a worried look on her face.

"They've taken the kids and it looks like Krazy's gone to get them back alone."


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