Dirty cells and alpha's

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I felt water drip down on my nose making me taste the bitterness of dirty water. I also felt my back ache from laying on a hard surface. Wait wasn't I in bed before? Opening my eyes I sat up and notice I'm laying on a board with a broken pipe above me dripping water. Hearing the clatter of chains I look down at my wrist to see chains around them. What?!?!  Looking around I notice many cells with men in them.

"I see my beauty has awaken! How you doing sweetheart??"

I look up into hazel eyes and instantly fear of what will happen. There stood alpha Troy. The man who can destroy me completely.

"What am I doing here?!?!"

Pulling on the chains I try to find a way to break free. He just chuckled and came closer to me. I took a step back when he took one forward but all too soon I hit the wall. He put his hands on the wall caging me in. He was so close I needed to find some space to have for myself.

"Well my sweet beauty you are finally home where you belong and you're staying here for good."

"I'm not staying here!!! I have a mate that is waiting for me!!!!"

His face came closer to mine almost so our lips are almost touching. I wanted to get away so badly but with these stupid chains I couldn't.

"Let's admit it. He never really loved you. He just had you around cause you're his mate. He needs the bond between you to function. You were nothing to him."

I stood there anger wanting to seep through. I couldn't believe this. This was a way for him to bring out my demon. I couldn't let that happen.

"You're wrong!!! He loves me for who I am!!!"

He licked his lips amused at my lil outburst. He grabbed my chin making him look into his eyes. He was thinking of something. He grabbed the chains and took them off. I took my chances at that and kicked him in the face while he was down. He stumbled back and I took the chance to run as fast as I could. I passed by many cells many of the men although telling me 'I can't get away' or that 'I need to run quick to get out'. My feet kept speeding up trying to get out of this death hole. I see a door and ran straight through it. Bright light was shown throughout the entire forests. I didn't stop running though I needed to find my way back to Derek!!! But all to soon I hear paws hit the ground. He was gonna catch me. I knew that. Getting knocked to the ground I am met with a dark brown wolf with yellow eyes staring down at me. The wolf starts to shift and on top of me and may I say naked stood before was alpha Troy. I kept kicking and thrashing around. But I stood still when I felt something down below poke me. I so wished it was a squirrel trying to be my knight in shining armor. Chuckling was heard. What is he laughing at?!?!

"God my lil sweety you just didn't do that. You're much stronger than expected." Grabbing a fist full of my hair he brought me closer. A knife soon appeared out of his hand. Wait how he get that?!?!

"But you know I don't really like girls with long hair. It gets in the way with what I do to them."

In lightning speed the knife cuts off a section of my hair. Twirling it in his hand he looks amused. I wanted so badly to go all Kong fu on him for cutting my hair. That part now reached only my shoulder. This was too short for my liking. Ugh wait what does he do with girls??

"You bitch you have no right to cut my hair without me saying if its okay!!!"

"I don't think you have a choice when I have a knife and I'm on top of you like this."

He chuckled. And started planting kisses down my jaw slowly. Making each one painful.

"Hey get your dirty lips off of me you mutt!!!"

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