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[F/n] slowly opened her eyes. The sun was just barely coming up over the tree tops. To her surprise she was no longer in the slums of the alley way that was in London. Instead, she was in a well furnished room. The corset she wore was no longer there, and was replaced by a beautiful floral silk night gown. Her bloodied nose had stopped, a deep gash that was on her arm was covered with a bandage, a cut what was on her cheek was taken care of, and her bruises and scrapes seemed to be a little bit better.

"Who did this?" She whispered aloud, "There's no way I could've patched up my wounds". [F/n] brought her hand to her cheek. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "There's no way..." She said. She looked around the room once more. There was a mirror for powdering your face, a closet that most likely held dresses, a restroom and the bed. She had to say, this place wasn't half bad.

She was snapped out of her thoughts at the sound of a knock on the door. "My lady, may I come in?" a silky smooth male voice said on the other side of the door. "Yes you may. Just give me a second." she said gettimg up from the bed. The plush carpet felt like one of the softest things she'd ever felt. Opening the door, she saw a tall man with wine red eyes and had raven black hair with some cowlicks in it.

He was a rather handsome man. She found that she was staring at him when he gave an uncomfortable 'ahem'. "Miss, if you wouldn't mind sitting back down on the bed. My master has given me the order to tend to your wounds that those bruteful men inflicted" he said to her. She nodded to him slowly and moved out of the way.

He entered the room and [F/n] closed the door behind him. The man had set a tray that held medical supplies on the table that was next to the bed. She walked to the bed and sat back down. "I guess I should introduce myself." the man said, "I am Sebastian Michaleis, the butler of this estate". He turned around again with a new bandage and gause.

"Oh, I should tell you my name too, right" [F/n] said with a small smile. Sebastian gave her a smile back and grabbed her arm in his fingers gingerly. "I'm [F/n][L/n]" she said. "Well it is very nice to meet you Lady [F/n]" Sebastian said looking at her. [F/n]'s face slightly turned pink as she watched him unwrap her arm.

After the bandage was off, a deep gash with suchers was shown. [F/n] grimiced at the image of her arm. Sebastian looked at her looking at the cut. "Lady you don't have to look at the wound." he told her. She looked up at him and shook her head. "It may be grotesque, but I can stand to look at it." [F/n] told him. He slightly chuckled at her bold response. He picked up a glass bottle of peroxide disinfectant. He put the peroxide on a cloth and dabbed it on her wound. [F/n] clenched her teeth in pain. After what felt like hourse, Sebastian was finally putting gause on the gash again and was wrapping up her arm. He removed the white bandaid like thing that was on her face and replaced it with a fresh one.

"I am finished here. The maid, Mey-rin, will be here to help you freshen up for meeting the young master" he told her, picking up the tray with medical products. Sebastian left the room, leaving [F/n] to sit alone in the room. She sat there for about a minute before deciding to go to the window. A lush garden with black roses could be seen from the window. There was a person there. He had an red orange hair and sparkling blue eyes. He seemed to have been getting scolded by Sebastian. The noise of the door opening made her turn around. There was a woman with wine red hair and glasses with a crack through the middle of them standing at the door. She had a big, and rather awkward, smile across her features. Otherwise, she seemed like a good person. "You must be Mey-rin" said [F/n]. Mey-rin looked rather confused as to why she already new who she was for a second but relaxed after a second. "Sebastain told me about you" [F/n] told her so Mey-rin wouldn't think she was some weirdo that'd been stalking her.

"My Lady, we should pick a dress for you, yes we should" The maid said walking to the closet. [F/n] watched as she picked out a black dress with red lace trim (Look at media box). [F/n] smiled as approval of the dress. "This dress will look wonderful on you, yes it will" Mey-rin beamed. "You have a good taste in clothing, I must say Mey-rin" [F/n] said with a smile. Mey-rin smiled back as she began to get a corset out from the closet.

-Timeskip brought to you by the finest grim reaper of them all; Grell Sutcliff-

After 15 minutes of pain and torture, the dress and corset where finally on [F/n]. Her hair was up in a bun, curls of hair framing her face (if you have short hair like me, just choose the hairstyle you usually use). "Miss [F/n], the young master Ciel should be waiting for you downstairs, yes he will" Mey-rin said. [F/n] nodded as she got up from the place that she had been. Mey-rin lead her down the seemingly never ending halls until she made it to a big lobby with grand french doors. A boy with blue hair and an eye patch sat in a couch near the doors. His head rested in the palm of his hand. He looked up to see the girl with the black dress. [F/n] and Mey-rin walked down the stairs next to each other. The boy, about 13, stood from his seat to greet [F/n]. Once the two women met the boy and Sebastian the boy said, "Ciel Phantomhive Earl of this manor, my Lady". He bowed slightly and took her hand, planting a small kiss on it. "[F/n][L/n], my Lord" she greeted, doing a curtsy. Sebastian stared at the two, waiting for a response from Ciel. "Sebastian, please make some tea. Lady [F/n] and I will be in my study." He told his butler, looking at him out of the corner of his eye. "Yes, my lord" he said putting his hand over his chest and bowing.


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