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My Plus Size Beauty Part 3

Start from the beginning

" Yeah" you said.

"Bye mom "you said to your mother and she said bye back.

You two went in Justin's car.

                      At the Party

The was loud music and the smell of alcohol was in the air.

" Hi Justin" Twist said high fiving Justin the other guys high fived him to.

Then you saw an oh so familiar girl pop up.

"Hi Y/N" she said.

"Hi Y/B/F/N "you said.

" Who did you come with you?" asked.

"She came with me" Ryan said.

"Ohh "you said.

" Hello everyone" Joshua said.

"Uhh hi" you said not really excited that see him.

"What's she doing here? "Joshua asked referring to you.

" She's my guess" Justin said he then protectively wrapped his arm around your waist.

"Ok then" Joshua said.

Then Chesly came to the guys.

"What the fuck is she doing here?" Chesly asked completely pissed.

"Um Chesly there's no need for you to act like a bitch" Chaz said.

"Um your mother's a bitch" she said.

"Your a slut "Chaz added.

" Just stop guys" Justin said.

Then we left Joshua and Chesly there.

You walked to another part of the party where you guys were talking.

Then someone started smoking you couldn't take the smell of smoke so you went outside.

"You sure you don't want me to come with you baby? "Justin asked.

" No it's OK" you said.

You then head outside and felt a hand on your arm.

"Why the fuck are you here? "Chesly asked.

" Because Justin said I could come" you said.

"Well you fat bitch you shouldn't have come no one likes your fat ass." she said. That was it you had it.

You raised your fist and she fell on the ground. You punched her.

"I said I'm thick" you said as she stayed on the ground.

You the saw a hand on your waist.

It was Joshua.

"What the hell do want? "you asked.

" It's not like that, I thought what you did there was cool "he said wait am you hearing right Joshua Simmons think you did something cool.

" Thanks I guess" you said.

"You know I always liked you" he said.

"Well I don't like you," you said is this boy crazy he thinks just saying not will let you fall into his arns he's treated you bad since kindergarten and you have a boyfriend.

He came closer he then place his hands on your waist.

You walked back and pushed him off.

"Stop "you said. Then you saw him fall to the floor.

Justin just punshed him.

" Don't ever touch her again!! "he shouted.

Then you heard cyrenes." It's the cops Justin" said. There was alcohol and loud music at the party.

"Let's run" you said.  You two just beat up two people one was tge owner of the house you had two run. You both ran through the bushes.

"Justin what about your car? "you asked.

" Let's just leave it here" he said.

You to ran behind a big bush.

When you guys reached there you started laughing.

"Worst date ever right? "Justin asked.

" No it was amazing "you assured him.

" Um what happened to Chesly?" he asked.

"I may have shown her who's the boss" you said while laughing.

Justin laughed to then he brought your face to his and you guys started kissing the kiss was slow and passionate. He stuck his tounge in your mouth and you stuck on it and never moved your lips apart. You guys did this for about 8 minutes then pulled away.

"Let's go for your car now" you said.

"Ok um a Y/N I wanna take you out again well, if you like" he said shyly.

"Of course you have to your my boyfriend you said then laughed.

Whooped that a$$. Hope you liked it sorry I took so long any requests I take. Love y'all thanks for the votes. :-) :-) :-)

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