Suzume's POV

   I looked over at Gaara. He didn't look nervous at all. We had a breif talk with Anko, the Proctor, and now we all are meeting at the desegnated place at the desegnated time. What stood in front of us looked like a huge, dense forest that was around 20 km in diameter. There also was what looked to be a huge tower smack in the middle.

   "Alright! welcome to the Forest of Death!" Anko said. "Your goal is to get two of these scrolls," She held up a light-colored scroll. "This is a Heaven Scroll," Next, Anko held up a dark-colored scroll. "This is an Earth Scroll. Each squad will be given one of these scrolls. Half will recieve an Earth Scroll, the other half will get the Heaven Scroll. All teams must have 2 or 3 members. That means If you have a group of four people, you must split in two."

   I looked over at Temari and Kankuro, who were already standing together. I guess I'm with Gaara... I thought. Naruto's team will be split in half as well. Naruto's with Sakura, and Sasuke's with... oh! That mush be Hikari!

   I stepped over next to my brother. He gave me a quick glance, then looked out into the distance somewhere. His eyes looked... different. Like they were the same color, but just looked... different. I don't know...

   Quite observant you are.

   Oh, not you again!!! Oh HELL NO!

   Well I'm here. Get used to it. I'm not taking your sass.

   I remained silent. At least in my head. Keep it thinking... whatever it is.

   "This means," Anko continued, "that at least half of you will be eliminated this round!"

   Everyone gasped. Gaara crossed his arms, looking bored. He didn't look overconfident or scared. He obviously didn't care. I tried to adopt that expression, but I think I didn't get it right. I think he knew I was copying him, because he started to glare at me. That's not good. I heard Kankuro chuckle quietly behind me.

   "Well a little sibling rivalry between you two, eh?" He tried to hold back laughing. "Kinda cute."

   "Shut up," Gaara murmured.

Gaara's POV

   Kankuro's just trying to piss me off again, picking on me for being with my little sister. I'd rather go alone. Everyone is just going to slow me down. But Suzume is better than Temari or Kankuro, and I don't want her to suffer by being with those two.

   I looked over at Kankuro and Temari. I wish I could wipe the smirk off their faces with my sand. I better wait though. I would get in trouble if I did, and then I would never become a Chunin. and the plan... Agh, forget the plan. I need to prove my existence once more.

Suzume's POV

   Anko just kept on talking.

   "Ok. Everyone proceed to one of the gates on the fence! You will receive your scroll then."

   It's about time! Enough talking. Gaara gripped my wrist tightly, and we disappeared in a swirl of sand, reappearing at one of the gates. Anko was standing right there.

   "Oh! Here," she said with surprise, handing me an Earth scroll, before running to the next gate.

   My brother ripped the scroll out of my hand. "I'll take it," he said harshly. "It will be better protected if I have it." I nodded.

   I heard Anko's loud voice. "Let the second portion of the Chunin Exams BEGIN!"

   At that, the gate opened, we both took off into the forest.


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