Chapter 14

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(Pic of Cowboy above. I also want to note that Cowboy is based off of my amazing pony Bo!)

I woke up suddenly to a large, roaring sound. I quickly shook Heather awake, and she sat up and rubbed here eyes and said,"What time is it?" "I don't know, but hurry come look out the window!" I yelled. What we saw was horrifying. The barn was in flames! My whole family was out there, my dad with the hose, Art calling the fire department, and Mom and Julie leading out Buddy and Tucker.

We both ran outside as fast as we could. We got out to the barn, and we pulled our shirts over our mouths and noses, and ran in. Heather ran and quickly lead Missy out of the barn. I reached Candy Girl's stall first, and unlatched the stall door. I was surprised at how hot the door was, but I didn't care. I quickly lead Candy Girl out of the flaming barn, and as I was getting out of the barn, Mom was running inside the barn. I said a silent prayer that all the horses and people would be okay. Julie started to go in, but Art grabbed her shoulder and told her not to go in. "But there's still 2 more horses in there!" she exclaimed. "It's too dangerous," Art said.

Oh my gosh, Cowboy's still in the barn! I quickly run towards his paddock, and see him galloping around in it. The barn is on fire, his stall has sparks flying around everywhere, and the paddock fences could light on fire any second! As if the fire read my mind, the fire spread towards the fences, and now Cowboy is trapped in flames. "Cowboy!" I cried. And then he did the unthinkable.

He galloped straight towards the flaming fence, and took a massive leap. It was like slow motion. He was suspended over the flaming fence, him barely making it over the tongues of fire! When he landed, he galloped over to me and skidded to a stop. I didn't have a halter or lead rope, but luckily he trotted behind me as a jogged to the front of the barn. By the time we got to the front, the firemen were here, and all of the horses were safely out of the barn.

Within minutes, the fire was put out. Unfortunately, lots of things would have to be replaced. The fences, tack room, all of the food and hay, supplies, and parts of the roof. We asked how long it would take to replace everything. The firemen said it would probably take a month at the least. What are we going to do with the horses? I can't even think about that right now. This fire is going to set back everything! What if we have to take in another horse? What are we going to do? I realized that the sun was starting to come up, and I checked my watch. 6:23. I usually would be getting up by now. More questions popped up in my head, but my biggest one was: How did the fire even start?


A few hours later the vet came out to check on all of the horses. We put them all out in the fields because they weren't burned. None of the arenas were either. The vet checked all of the horses, and Cowboy and Fiona only had a few mild burns, both on their legs. With some ointment and bandages, they were good to go! We are so thankful it wasn't any worse than it was-we are SOOO lucky!!!

My mom is talking on the phone. She's been doing it all day. Usually I would complain, but not now. There are arrangements that need to be made. Art and Dad went out on a food, hay, and supplies run. When they got back, we unloaded all of the stuff into the indoor arena. My mom got off of the phone and said,"Luckily, our insurance pays for all of the damage done, and for all of the stuff that was destroyed in it!" "That's wonderful!" Dad said. "Also, we have arranged for the horses to stay at Hunter Creek Farms," Mom added. Hunter Creek Farms is Heather's grandparents' therapeutic riding and lesson barn. "They have kindly offered to let them stay as long as we need," Mom said. I turned to Heather. "This is gonna be so much fun!" I said. "We can ride together every day!" Heather said. For the rest of the day, we groomed the horses and talked about all of the things we were going to do together at Hunter Creek.

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