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Eyes On Her

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Part 26

Demi POV;

I can't believe what I've just heard, Y/N has left me?! I haven't done fuck all wrong, as selfish as it sound I only made her cry I didn't mean too and she's finishing me over that? Ugh my body slowly filling with anger. As soon as joe told me where she was I jumped into my car an waited till joe finished on the phone.

Dems:" finally what the fuck to talk about, we going there you should of put the phone down."

Joe;" woah lady I don't know who you think you're talking to, that my best friend crying down the phone to me. If you didn't hurt her maybe you would still have her" he said coldly

Demi;" * quietly* I didn't hurt her. I-I love her.."

This great not making a good impression here, I guess I needed to take my anger out and joe the only person here. I'll say sorry after right now I just need to see Y/N and talk to her.. Again... I just can't let her get away from me this quick, she's my everything, she's helped me through a lot. Even helped me with new music and writing songs, she will one day make it as an singer but mm mind slowly beating itself up, I didn't even see the car infront slam on..

joe; "DEMI!!!! BREAK!!!!"

I quickly came back around slam on, lucky there was no cars behind us. I jump outta the car and walked over to the car infront to have it out with them the last thing I need is some fucking child playing around, when I got closer to the car they came jumping out, I must say I was a little scared the way they jumped out. But it was the wife of the driver and her husband started having heart attack behind the wheel.. I felt bad because my month was already screaming and shouting before she told me what happened, I felt that bad I had to stay till the ambulance came I just kept saying sorry.. I give her my number because I wanted to go see them at the hospital to make sure he's okay! Reminded me of my grandma and grandad think that's the reason I wanted to go... After I knew he was in safe arms I got back in the car, and carried on driving to Y/N the rest of the drive was in silents. Finally we are here!!

Joe:" I'll sit in the car let you knock on and when I see Y/N come to the door I'll come running out okay?"

Demi:" aw that's a good idea but first I just want to say I am truly sorry for having ago I was upset and mad, I'll make it up too you but right now I need to win my princess back or at least get answers"

Demi takes a deep breath before knocking on the door

Y/Ns nan-" hi can I help you love?"

Demi-" hello I'm Y/Ns erm girl- mm good friend of hers just wondering if she's here?"

Y/Ns nan-" yes just hold on love, come in its to cold stand there"

Demi-" thank you *smiles* erm no it's okay I have a surprise for her in my car"

Y/N nan shouting her ...


You-" yeah nan what's wrong?"

Nan-" some at the door for you love, come here let me wipe them tears first "

You-" omg nan shh I'll be fine *blushes* who is it anyways?"

Nan-" I don't know love, never met her before."

With your nan saying that you had a very good idea who it was, you quickly check yourself out in the mirror making sure you didn't look that much of a mess before slowly going to the door and putting a smile on...

Convo with you and Demi-

Demi-" hi before you close the door on my face I just want to say something to y- "

Got cut off by a screaming behind you and infront of you ...

Y/N and Joe run at each other both ended up in tears Demi was just stood there awkwardly not knowing what to do, they was both acting like she wasn't there. So she just slipped away and went sitting back in the car waiting till joe came back.. As she was walking back tears slowly fell to the ground. Once in the car she pulls her phone out and goes on Twitter posing a tweet

" @ddlovato: I hate how I feel, wish you would listen. *crys* 😢"

She sat there listening to music and reading through what her fans was saying,
-Stay strong
Was the biggest tweet she was getting when she was about to put her phone away one tweet caught her eye so she re-opened the app to see it said

" @ddlovato; she'll listen when she's ready, maybe just give her space but she doesn't want that.. Look up from your phone 😚"

Demi slowly does what the tweet says and there she was stood in front of the car with that cute ass smile with her arms open!!!

It's a little crap but haven't wrote in forever so yeah but I've had a lot going on fighting battles again, and couldn't remember my password!! Let me know what you think, just be truthful with me though ☺️

Ps stay strong lovelies 😘❤️

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