#1: Take all the toys, line them all up, and press all the buttons!

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When I awoke, the lights were off. I smiled devilishly to myself, and stood up to stretch my stiff muscles. I had just outsmarted the Wal-Mart police. I walked out of the stall, and looked around blindly for a light switch. I walked around, my arms out in front of me, and felt around the walls. I finally found the switch, and hiss as the lights burn my tired eyes.

“Crud!” I yelled angrily, running out of the bathroom. All the lights were on out here. Weird. I shrugged off the feeling, and realizing with delight that I was in the Wal-Mart…alone. You do the math.

I smirked, and reached in the back pocket of my jeans for The List—it was really just a list of things to do in the Wal-Mart. I read the first one, and smirked:

#1: Take all the toys, line them all up, and press all the buttons!

Now to find the toys, I thought while walking lazily through the store. It was one of those Super Centers. You know! Big, with millions of possibilities.

I smirked as I found the toys, and grabbed them by the dozens, lining them all on the aisle. My gray eyes glittered mischievously as I prepared for the run of my life, pressing all the buttons on all of these toys.

Yeah, I’m awesome.

I run down the aisle, hearing all the dolls and cars and other things go crazy! I rolled on the floor, laughing my head off from the insanity of it all.

“What the heck!” someone yelled, running toward me.

Chicken-butt! I’m so busted!

I go at a dead run, not risking the chance of them seeing me. I’m unable to stop the giggles that escaped past my lips as I heard them chase after me.

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