Chapter 8: The Shadow Figure

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School was a totally pain in the butt for Liam. He barely made any friends, besides Ned and two others named Buck and Issac who he met during lunch time.

As Liam got off the bus, his friend Ned waved goodbye to him. Liam waved back. When the bus left Liam walked into his yard.

The sky was turning gray and the air was getting cold. The wind blew against his hair. Liam felt really cold as he was walking towards the door of his house.The leaves flew around his yard and up into the air. The tree's around his house moved back and forth with the wind.

Taking out his keys from the front of his book bag, then shifting the book bag back onto his shoulder he put the key in the door. He nearly turned the key when a when a cold hand tapped his shoulder.

"Liam." Scarlett said. Her voice was shaky. 

Just by looking at her Liam could tell there was something wrong. Her face was pale,  her hair was combed back. She wore a long white gown and some white slacks underneath and the same old worn out shoes.

He wanted to ask her what's wrong but instead he asked something else.

"Do you know how much trouble you got me into?" He said.

Scarlett's eyebrow went up. "What do you mean?" She said, her voice sounding less shaky now.

Liam let go of the keys that hung in the door and crossed his arms. "Come on. You know exactly what I'm talking about. The notepad!" He said while lifting his hands in the air then placing them back down to his side. "That wasn't funny. You got me grounded for 3 weeks. I can't do anything now." Liam yelled out.

"I didn't write anything I drew you a picture." She said.

The wind started to blow again. Scarlett looked around as if she thought someone was watching them. "Can we talk about it inside your house please? May I come in?"

Liam looked at her unsure if he should let her inside. He was still angry at her but he thought he should show her the notepad.   "Sure. Let me ask my parents."

Liam placed his hands on the key that was  in the door and turned it. He opened the door.

"Mom, I'm home!" No one answered. When Scarlett came in he closed the door shut.

"Hellooooo! Is anybody home?" Still no answer. "Hmm. They must be out. Come on. I want to show you the notepad." Liam said walking towards the stairs.

"Your house is so beautiful." Scarlett said looking around and touching the pictures that hung on the wall of him and his  family."

"Thank you." Liam said.

Neither of them spoke until they got upstairs. Liam opened his room door and turned on the lights. He threw his bag on the floor.

"I'll show you the notepad." He said reaching under his pillow. He opened it and turned to the page with the writing.

"There! Look." He said as he sat on his bed.

Scarlett slowly walked over to him and sat next to him. She sat a little to close to him and it made Liam turn red. Liam slowly scooted away as he gave her the notepad to read. The door to his room made a little creek sound which only got Scarlett's attention. She looked at the door then to the notepad.

As she read it her eyes widened. She put her hand to her mouth and gasped softly. "I would never write such a thing." She said. She looked at him as if she wanted to cry. "Also I wrote in beginning of book. See."

She didn't even have to skim through the pages. She just opened the notepad; which was facing me, up to the page she wrote on. Liam couldn't believe it. He was sure, one-hundred percent sure he went through every page and he had never saw this picture.

Liam took the notepad from her. His eyes studied the picture well. There was a stick figured shaped boy starring into a mirror. Inside the mirror was another stick figured boy frowning.

Liam looked at Scarlett. "What is this?" He said. "What does this mean.

Scarlett put her hand on Liam's shoulder. She was about to speak when she noticed something standing by the door. She froze.

"What?" Liam asked staring at her. He then followed her gaze. When he saw it, his eyes bulged as wide as they could, his heart beated quickly, his body felt paralyzed again.

There in the shadows behind his door, stood a completely black shadowed figure almost as tall as they were. It's arms hung out and it stood with it's arms apart, as if it was some cowboy getting ready to have a gun showdown. The figure just stood there.

"What is th-" Liam turned to Scarlett but she wasn't there. Liam swallowed hard. He looked back at the figure. It began limping towards Liam as if it was its first time walking. The thing then floated in the air upside down and cocked it's head to the side.

Give me your soul...

The creature said in a low voice. The creature fell to the ground. Plop, just like that. It reached It's hand out to Liam. Liam was scared but when it's face started twitching Liam yelled.

"HELP!" He yelled. He wanted to close his eyes but he didn't. He watched as the creature's face changed rapidly. All of a sudden the creature lowered his head. Liam couldn't see his face. There was a loud moan coming from the throat of this thing. Liam could feel every single one of his neck hairs go up. He heard his heart thumping and felt himself turning pale.

The creature lifted its face and Liam breathed heavily as he saw the creature with the same face as his.

"Oh my God..." Liam whispered. "This can't be happening." He gasped out.

As Liam spoke the figure spoke too.

"Oh my God...This can't be happening." It said, sounding as two voices combined.

It had said the same thing at the same time Liam whispered. Along with the same face expressions.

Liam practically fell off of his bed then quickly stumbled back onto his feet and back against the wall which hung the mirror. The mirror swung back and forth. Liam kept his eyes on the creature. It's face began fading. Then the mirror fell onto the floor and shattered.

Then the figure disappeared.

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