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SURPRISE another persons POV well i don't know if I'll keep putting the other guys POV maybe through out the whole FANFICT I will add other guy's POV then again who knows ?!!

mike's POV

I was talking to rob about the girls and if we made a good decision in putting them in the same room together Rob said "man i think the whole time they said they were gonna have "fun" together and do each other's make up and shit they were being so sarcastic

like you can tell Jessica hates Tay's guys bro, I wouldn't be surprised if a cat fight occurred, but dude I'm gonna hit the hay because I'm jet lagged as fuck and then in the morning we have to wake up to go the the hopeless head quarters

and we all know I'm not really a morning person by the way next time she comes let her just stay with jordan" i replied but what if they have "fun" and we won't be able to go to sleep that's why we planned this time for her to book with tay so we wouldn't have to hear all that shit"

Rob laughed and said "dude true but might as well let that shit happen then letting tay get hurt or maybe even sent to the hospital" I laughed and said "true bro anyways lets go to sleep tomorrow is a big day" we turn off the lights and go to sleep

*next day *

I wake up my to the sound of my alarm God damn it I grab my phone that is on the nightstand and I snooze the alarm, I dress up and Rob is already up so that saves us time to just go to the hopeless headquarters

me and Rob go to the cafeteria to get breakfast, when we go down the elevator and the doors opened

there we see cameron and jordan.
"so how did you guys sleep?" I asked
cameron replied "like a baby, but I'm somewhat still tired" jordan looked around and said "where are the girls?" me and Rob looked at each other "shit" we both say

cameron suggested we wait for 5 minutes and see if they are coming down, and if they don't that means problems


Jessica's POV

I woke up, God I still feel tried, rolled over the bed to cuddle up next to jordan, next thing you know I rolled off my bed and landed on the ground, oh right I am in a hotel stuck with HER

I get up and see tay already dressed, she smiles at me and I roll my eyes, "so why didn't we you wake me up and tell me that we are late or we're going to be, the guys are probably waiting for us. she just shrugs and says "I was but I see that you already woken up, well I'll go see the guys while you dress up, I'll meet you down there"

I just huff "whatever taylor" with that she leaves the room, I go to the bathroom and do the usually, gosh these few days I got with her better be good cause I can bearly tolerate her shit right now, truth is I have been to LA I just had to have some lame excuse just to come here and see what jordan would do if I wasn't here, I didn't want to lose him to tay


Tay's POV

I close the door behind me, God Jessica is such a pain in the ass I can't even tolerate her, thank god I left the room a few more snarky comments and I would have slapped the shit out of her. I don't understand why I had to be with her like why couldn't I just bunk with cameron or the rest of the guys?

I get into the elevator and head down to the cafeteria, once the doors open I see the guys and I wave "hey dudes what's up" I heard a sign of relief and Rob said "thanks god we were waiting for one of you or both to come down" Mike said "we thought all of us had to go up there and stop a cat fight"

I chuckled "ha no need for that boys I'm here" Jordan laughed and said "where's Jessica?" i said "oh she's still getting ready, she woke up late and fell out of the bed, because she forgot that she was in a bed alone and not with you" Jordan's hysterically laughs and said "oh man i should have been there"

cameron says "enough chatting guys lets eat and head down to the studio" we head over to the table and look at the menu, Jessica comes over and sits next to jordan ugh I hope she doesn't do the whole clingy thing, from the corner of my eye I see her kissing Jordan's check and stroking it

excuse me while I go throw up, I hate how she's here, im not jealous it's that she's so obnoxious as Jessica was about kiss Jordan the waitress comes and says "what will you be having today?" I mentally thank her and I say "I'll have the pancakes with scrambled eggs and bacon on the side" I give her my menu and she says "what about the drink?"

"Umm I'll have orange juice please" she writes it down in her notepad and says "what about you gents and ma'am?" cameron and Rob say "we'll have what she is having (points to me)"

jordan says "me and her (points to Jessica) we'll have the egg omelette with french toast and orange juice please" Mike says "Ahh fuck it I'll have what everyone is having" the waitress smiles and says "your food should be done in a few minutes" she leaves and comes back with our orange juices and leaves

after she leaves there is this awkward silence and Rob decides to talk and says "so guys are YA excited that soon we could release our album and tour?"

jordan says "woahhh not so fast Rob first we have to release an EP and then tour maybe? "Ohhh right..." Rob said I decided to say "so yea guys, what do you say after the record deal thing, you know when they sign us and shit we start writing,

well like I have already started writing some songs but I can't do it without ya guys" all the guys chimed in and said yes

The waiter soon came with our breakfast and we decided to eat fast but not that fast we don't want to die before we all become "famous"

as soon as we finished we tipped the waiter and left to hopeless headquarters

we all entered the elevator and pressed on the third floor, as the elevator went up my whole body was surging with excitement, ever second was consuming my anxiety.

I still can't believe we are about to get signed, we all exited the elevator and went down the hall three doors down to the left.

we knocked on it and a woman told us to come in

....... To be continued

sorry guys for the LATE update to be honest I've been really lazy and stuff and im running out of ideas .. I think, once again I'm sorry guys ._. - Jack barakitty

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