Sain's pov

Huhhhh ! Bs aj ki raat engagement k bd sb k samne apne dil ka haal btaun ga tmhen ! Bht dour janeey ki koshsh ki tmse! Magr tmse dour nahi ho sakta main ! Mjhse ab nahi hoga ye sb ! Bs iqrar krdena chahta hun !

I stand up from my bed and walked towards the washroom ! I took a shower and changed  in a black coat and pant with blue button up shirt ! I set up my hairs ! And walked out from my room ! And waited for everyone ! As i was bore i took my phone out and saw Amzy's photos ! When i heard mama's voice mama,baba and maha were ready but where's shehry ? I called his name "shehrrrryyyyyyy ajaa yaar we are getting late ! "

Shehry's pov

I wear my black coat and pant just like sain but with white shirt and a bow! I was trying to fix my bow but its not working i heard sain's voice then i thought "yaar wahan ja k theek krlun ga! " i walked out from the room and saw everyone was ready ! I took my phone and car keys and start the car everyone sat and we went to the hall !

Amzy's pov!

I wear the white dress and saw my self in the mirror ! Then everything flash in my mind how the cashier lady said ! I smiled at my thoughts ! I striaghten my hairs! I was finding jewellery then i saw sain's gifted traditional jhumki's ! I wore it ! Then i wore the shehry's gifted ankhlet!

I looked at my reflection ! I sigh heavenly cause i was done with make up and all ! I put my phone,some tissue ,my wallet in a pouch that goes with me dress ! I walked out and saw ruksana was already ready ! We walked out and drove to the hall !

As i entered the hall ! Zayan's engagement moment's flash in front of me and i felt like my heart is breaking again !

Bhul jaa useey amzy jisne tujhe ek dafa bhi palat k na poucha ! Tmhare feelings ki kadar na ki ! Kyun abhi bhi hai wo dil main? Kyun amzy?

I closed my eyes then some rose petal's felt on me ! I opened my eyes and saw shehry and sain was setting flower's for mona and atif but accidently fell on me ! Mona's mom came and scowled shehry and sain "putar ji ek kam kaha tha wo bhi na huwa ! "

"Sorry aunty pata nahi hum dono se kaise hogaya? " shehry said and then looked at me ! Aunty turned to my and said "beta ap atif k side se ho ? "

"Aunty itni jaldi bhul gayin? Jb ap k pass hr dopehar ko khana khanee ati thi tou beti kehti thin ab beti ko hi bhul gayin? "

She furrowned a lil and said "amsal ? " i nod my head ! She quickly embrace me in a hug ! "Beta apko bhul hi nahi sakti ! Tm kitna bdal gayi ho ! Is liye nahi pehchana! " .

"Koi baat nahi aunty ab ap pareshan na ho apki dusri beti agayi hai ! Wo khayal kre gi ab cheexon ka ap aram krein " she caressed my cheeks and went to do something else !

I was standing when i felt some one is standing behind me ! I turned to see! Its sain ! He smiled ear to ear like he always does! "You look beautiful today amzy ! " he said .

"Emm thank you and thanks you ear rings! " i chuckled . he opened his mouth to say something but mona's mom called me ! I excused myself from sain and went towards aunty !

Sain's pov

I was about to say her about my feelings! But aunty called her !

Mera tou badluck hi khrb hai yaaarr !

I turned to walk towards the stage to set some stuff done! Then i bumped in a girl ! My anger shoots up but i calm my anger down and was about to say sorry when the girl spoke up " yaar tmhari prblm kia hai? Kyun hr waqt takarate rehte ho ! Pee k chalte ho kia "

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