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{El's P.O.V}

Once we walked over to the table i sat down.It was just me,Ashley and skylar so they started asking me questions, you know the normal ones. Birthday, Siblings, Friends at home, Music taste, and if i find sammy attractive.

"yeah he's hot" i answered there question about sammy.

"who's hot?" I turned around to see Gilinsky.

"no on-" "El sayes sammy's hot" Ashley sayed

" Because you asked if i thought he was attractive" i said

"Don't worry El, I think sammy likes you too, he hasn't shut up about how beautiful you are" he said as he went over by skylar.                                                                                                                               

 "hey babe" he said and kissed her.

"aww you both are so cute"i said in awe

"why thank you, i try to be a prince for my princess"                                                                                          (THE FEELS OMG I CANT!)

Their so cute! 

After a while sammy & johnson came to join us, johnson did the same thing as Gilinsky. i just sat there and sammy said "not being in a releationship sucks right" as he pointed to the two couples in there own world

"yeah it does" I looked at him and noticed how focus he is of the couples infront. "you okay there" i laughed.

"yeah, i just wish i had a girl to spoil,and call her mine really" he finally looked at me.

"aw, thats cute, have you ever had a girlfriend" i asked

"no"he mumbled "I'm the kinda guy who does one night stands, i've never met a girl who i want to call mine, like when johnson & gilinsky met ashley & skylar, they would do anything to make them happy, you know? they claimed it was love at first sight but i think they we're just desperate at that time, but know look at them" i looked over "they both are so in love, and i want that, but everyone thinks of me as the player who will never change, but i want to prove them wrong! because i dont want to hurt girl's anymore, i never did"  

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