Chapter 2

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The look of shock on the handsome man's face would have been amusing on any other day but the situation was urgent.

She was being chased after all! She couldn't stand around drooling over him.

"Gege, we can talk dick sizes later but-" She tried to slip past him but was grabbed by the arm and spun around. She was slammed into the wall, gasping as the air was suddenly filled with a musky scent.

It wasn't a bad smell but-

"Gege, do we have to do this now?" She complained, looking generally unconcerned about his proximity. Her eyes, however, kept glancing around him. "I won't tell anyone about that time so can we-"

"Shut up!" He snapped, glaring at her. She flinched, his loud voice ringing in her ears. "Do you think you can just-"

The men who had been chasing her had finally caught up, spotting her in the arms of the handsome stranger.

"There she is!"

"Finally decided to stop running?"

Arisa flinched, unconsciously pressing closer to the stranger. The man peeked down at her for a moment, not saying a word before turning to the men.

The men glanced at the man. He looked young, possibly in his late teens. The men were quite young themselves so they saw themselves as his elders.

"Hey, junior, you can't just touch girls as you like." One stated, stepping forward. "We paid good money for her. Aren't you robbing us?"

"Paid? Who are you?!" Arisa snapped back. "If I'm being paid then why am I so miserable?! You paid me? Give me back my taxi fare then, you cheapskates!"

For a girl hiding in someone else's arms, she sure does know how to curse someone. The stranger thought, suppressing a chuckle.

"C-cheap! Who are you calling cheap?" The man being cursed at shouted back. "Do you know who I am?"

"I don't care if you founded the nation! I haven't been paid by anyone so if there's anyone being robbed, it's me!" She declared, scowling bitterly. She gestured to the stranger proudly. "If I wasn't being chased I could ogle this handsome gege at my leisure but I now have to stare at you ugly uncles? I should be getting paid if this is how my day is going to go."

The stranger choked, not expecting to be brought into this so suddenly. What was this little girl saying?

"There's no need to feel so wronged." He interjected, feeling his earlier anger fade into amusement. "You can ogle as you please."

Dark brown eyes drifted over to the stranger, gleaming with curiosity.

"Can I?" She questioned cautiously. Wasn't this guy mad before?

"Of course." He replied, petting her head unconsciously. Such an interesting girl, how could he not pet her? Her hair was soft and fluffy, like a kitten yet her words were barbed.

How cute~

Arisa frowned, unsure why she was being petted like this. It was definitely strange but not bad since the man's hands remained in their proper place.

I'll allow it. She thought, letting herself relax a bit.

The drunk men stared at the two of them, flabbergasted that they were being ignored like this. How dare they? They stepped forward, confident that the three of them could beat this one stranger and take the girl away.

Yet before they could take that second step, they were surrounded by men in black suits. There was a brief moment of chaos as the three men were rounded up and dragged away. Those who saw them could only marvel at the efficiency of the black suits, who subdued the drunks in mere moments.

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