Chapter 56: Perfect

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Hiccup's head shot up as he heard a low gurgling noise from the other room. All fell silent within the house, even the children stopped their incomprehensible chatter. As he sat there, waiting for another sound, Hiccup's heart skipped a beat. A high-pitched shrill emitted from elsewhere in the house. The group downstairs looked around the room and laid their eyes on Sigurd, but the child lay still, sleeping peacefully. Hiccup slid Eir out of his lap and stood.

"Stay here." He instructed.

The girl nodded, watching the man creep up to the door and push it open. He waited for another sound as he walked across the balcony, but it never came. The man waited by the mouth of the stairs. He stood there, looking over to his bedroom door, waiting to hear the sound emit from the room, followed by the happy laughter that had followed after Sigurd's birth. But when the sound never came, Hiccup turned and headed down the stairs quietly.

He paced along the wood until he was standing behind the couch. "Was that Sigurd?" He asked.

The people in the room turned to their chief with blank expressions. Snotlout shook his head and held up his son, showing him that the child was in a deep slumber. Hiccup cocked his head to the side. Where and what was that cry that they heard? He stood their, still along with the others, waiting for another peep. When it never came and Hiccups dry throat got the better of him, he wandered into the kitchen and grabbed a tankard, dipping it into the bucket of drinking water. Toothless rose from his spot in front of the the hearth and wandered over to his rider. Knowing it was best not to mess with the man, the dragon just stay into the vicinity of him, wanting to be closer to his rider.

The man took a sip and placed it on the counter, where he then stretched his long arms across the top, gripping the other side of the counter, and arched his back downwards, where it was parallel with the table. He groaned and wrinkled his brows. That sound couldn't have been nothing, and definitely not a figment of his imagination. It was real, for the others had heard it as well. Hiccup shook his head and looked at the ground beneath him. Maybe it was Astrid...or one of the women that were with her. Maybe it was their child...taking it's first and last breath in the world. He shook his head again. No, if that were true then he would have heard the cries of others as well...probably.

He sighed and erected himself once more. Maybe it was Astrid...because the baby was a stillborn., Gothi had told him when he asked, unknowingly that Astrid had asked the same questions as well, that he would have a child. He and Astrid would have at least one child, Gothi said so. The man ran his hand through his hair as he took another sip from the cup. Half-sip, he stopped. Toothless crooned in confusion at the sudden jolt of his rider. Gothi said that they would have A child, when Hiccup asked whether or not Astrid carry their child, she had no answer. Hiccup choked down the liquid. Eir was now their child, they had the child they were promised.

The man screwed his eyes shut once more, trying to halt the flow of tears.

"Baby!" Njord giggled, pointing to the room upstairs.

Snotlout bounced the child on his knee. "Hush Njord, now's not the the..."

The man was cut off by a wail from upstairs. It was low, but strong enough to rattle your brain. The cry was was quickly followed by another, less gurgled cry. Hiccup's heart leapt and Toothless crooned again, looking up towards the room as well. The sound rang with discomfort and confusion. He craned his head towards his bedroom, waiting for any more indication to the situation. There was no laughter, there was no loud voices, there was no crying besides the the one, which was slowly dying down. Every sat there, frozen in a trance of the waiting game. Seconds passed by, then minutes. Soon enough, the night fury could handle no more and bounded up the stairs. He wandered back and forth along the hall, pawing at the door every now and then.

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