Chapter | 29

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Warning: He. He. He.... you're not gonna romanticize this one :)

present day,

Seraphine gasps awake, his mind blank when it comes to dreams or memories. He seems to be in his room, after a night of drinking and feeling like yesterday was a fever dream. He is alone in his own bedroom, however naked. What the hell-?! Hmm... nothing hurts though...

"Good morning Ninja girl," Ryūji suddenly appears in the doorway, confusing Seraphine even more. He seems to be carrying a tray with a bowl of soup, some spring rolls, and fresh fruit juice.

"Oreo...?" Seraphine sits up, investigating his own body. "Did we fúck...?"

"No, because when I get drunk, I lose energy... opposite to you who really wanted to suck my díck for some reason," Ryūji casually says as if it's some family-friendly activity, but the revelation made Seraphine's face blow up.

"What?! No way! Then why am I naked?!"

Ryūji stares at him indifferently, also confused. "Because... sleep. Aren't you supposed to be naked when sleeping?"

"Ugh, I'm not a Shifter, I don't sleep as an animal like you..." Seraphine huffs, covering himself which made Ryūji snort.

Who wears clothes when sleeping? So uncomfortable.

Once again, being naked is normal for Shifters and not inherently taboo or sexual. Back in the estate, little Shen and Oreo would run around the house naked and nobody would care; it's better than getting their clothes ripped apart. Although adults tend to cover up more, when adult shifters see each other naked it's never a big deal. Shifters however, forget that other species don't share the same culture.

"Oh. Well, either get dressed or not, I don't care about you naked. Just eat this? I made Phở for you..." Ryūji merely puts the tray down to the side table and fixed the dishes, but while he does so, Seraphine stops breathing for a moment.

"You... cooked for me?" He softly asks, his cold heart completely melting. For once, he's not comparing Ryūji to his previous lover, because the Prince's presence is enough to make Seraphine forget about the past. And for that, he may be special...

"Yeah it'll be easier to poison you that way," Ryūji joked, even with a genuine laugh as he separates two wooden chopsticks and mixes the Pho's toppings.

Seraphine didn't mind what he said. He laughed... like, really laughed... Oh no, what's going on with my feelings?! He said he'll poison it!

Ryūji carries the bowl and sits on the bed facing Seraphine, pulling the noodles up with the chopsticks and blowing on some batches to cool them slightly. "Do you know how to use these?"

"Tch, yeah of course..." Seraphine rolls his eyes but resumed smiling when looking at Ryūji's eyes. And when the Prince suddenly spoonfeeds him the noodles with the bowl under it, Seraphine blushes even further. "Wh—I can use chopsticks, I can do it myself!"

"The bowl is hot, you'll burn yourself," Ryūji scoffs, implying the fact that he... cares about me?

Seraphine ends up eating the noodles, finding the cooking to be so delicious he had to smile. "Wow, you're a cook now..."

Ryūji dips the noodles in the soup while cooing, "And you're being a wittle baby now, wittle Seraphwine~!"

Instead of being offended and mad to the gods, Seraphine just covers his mouth and wholeheartedly laughs, "You little shít, I just complimented you... such an àsshole."

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