Telepathic Twins -- Chapter 17

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      "Holy fuck!" Aleks said just as Leksi said, "Holy shit!" "You got us a car?!" they both asked, shocked.

     Not answering their question, John said, "And now you're cursing too?" He tsked, shaking his head again.

     "Uh, I said 'holy duck,'" Aleks said, scratching the back of his neck guiltily. He never could successfully lie to his dad.

     "And I said 'spit,'" Leksi said, avoiding his gaze.

     Then they looked at each other, grinning drunkenly. "Holy duckspit!" they said, laughing like idiots.

     Unable to help it, John laughed. "Well, you'll still be stuck waiting in suspense until I get home from work tomorrow."

     "But Dad!" the twins whined.

     "Next time don't come home after midnight, drunk," their dad said, putting the keys back in his pocket and walking to his room. "Goodnight," he shouted back at them.

     "'Night," they grumbled, leaning back and putting their feet up.

     "Get your feet off the coffee table," John said, not looking back.

    They immediately did. 'You didn't tell me Dad had eyes on the back of his head,' Leksi accused.

     'I think it's a parent thing,' Aleks thought with a shrug.

     They both sighed, bored. 'So what do you wanna do for the next six hours?' Leksi asked.

     'I dunno. COD?'

     'Sure, I could totally use some more brain-rotting goodness.'

* * * * *

     A few hours later, they were in Aleks's room, sitting in the bean-bag chairs. 'I'm hungry,' Leksi complained mentally, not wanting to wake her dad up. He'd stayed up late waiting for them despite the fact that he had to leave for work early.

     'Me too. Can you cook?' Aleks asked hopefully.

     'I can't make anything more than a bowl of cereal,' Leksi admitted sadly. 'I tried once. Tasted like shit.'

     'Ditto,' Aleks replied.

     Leksi sighed, looking around his room. 'You know, we should totally decorate your walls.'

     Aleks snorted. 'Thanks, but your idea of 'decorating' is a bit too chaotic for me.' Though he knew the main reason she painted her walls like that was because she was so sick of the gray ones in her cell. Aleks had caught a few stray thoughts once when they were hanging out in her room.

     'You're just jealous 'cause you don't have my amazing artistic ability. And anyway, I didn't mean crazy like mine. I meant, like, painting your name in giant graffiti letters. That would look hot.'

     'You got leftover paint?'

     'Yeah, there's plenty of black left, plus a few other colors.'

     'But I'm too lazy to get up,' Aleks complained.

     'Ditto,' Leksi thought, sinking further into the chair. Their buzz had worn off, leaving them tired and depressed.

     Aleks wanted to ask his sister something, but hesitated. Even though he knew she was fine with talking about what went on in the lab, Aleks still didn't like to bring it up.

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