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Her legs trembled in fear as she was grabbed by the shoulders and slammed against a wall. Warm tears dripped down her face. Men around 30 or 40 surrounded her with smug grins. The one that held her against the wall removed one of his hands from her shoulder and grabbed both of her hands so they were above her. [F/n]'s lips quivered as he turned his head and said something inaudible. Then, one of the men walked over with two black cloths. Another man came over with a nail and hammer. "I don't want to hurt the beauty, now. Move her and tie 'er up and put the nail in the wall" a tall man with a grey beard said. The man that held her pushed her to the ground. She sat on the ground on her knees, till one of the men made her lay down on her back. More tears ran down her face as he crawled over her like prey. "Now, now. I'd be quiet if I were you. A girl as pretty as you shouldn't be crying." The man that was over her said. He brought the cloth he held in his hand and tied her wrists together. She gave a shrill scream for help. The men laughed at her patheticness. There was a sound of hammering in the background. She screamed again, only to receive a kick to the side. She felt her self get pelted with boots. She cried more out of pain and fear. The men mercilessly kicked her until she coughed up blood. "Oi, boss, the nail is put in" a man said. She watched as their boss leaned down and tied another cloth around her mouth to gag her. Then the man picked her up by the cloth that bound her hands. He pushed her to the wall so she was hanging on a nail. She hung there almost lifeless. Blood dripped from her nose and mouth as tears ran in streams down her face. [F/n] looked up at the man. He came up to her and lifted up the skirt of her dress. There was a ripping sound. The men hooted and hollered as they looked at the girl that was now only in her panties and corset. The man that had dipped off her dress came closer and untied the knot that bound her body inside the corset.

"James William! Stop this instant!" A young voice yelled. The man let go of the ribbon and looked up. His features became dark in the moon light. "As the queen's guard dog, I force you to stop!" The voice rang. The man 'tsked' and stepped back. The young voice said something to quiet to hear. [F/n] used the strength she had to look over to where the voice was. A short figure and a tall figure stood in the light of the moon. She put her head down and closed her eyes. There was a small gust of wing and a splattering sound. She felt someone lift her up off of the nail. They took out the gag and untied her hands. [F/n] coughed and opened her eyes a bit. A pair of pink eyes looked at her worriedly. She closed her eyes again. The man with pink eyes took off his jacket and placed it around her. "S-Sebastian, please find something to cover the miss's legs. It's not decent for a lady to not have that much skin showing" the young voice said shankily. There was a slick chuckled that came from the other man. She felt herself get pug on a wood crate. Footsteps echoed away from her. She opened her eyes again. The tall figure was walking away, while the short figure was kneeling next to the now dead bodies. The tall man was now walking back, something in the crook of his arm. Once he was over to them, he placed a thick blanket on her. "Young Master, we should go back to the manor to help the Young Mistress. I will contact the authorities in the morning." The soft slick voice rang. A soft 'fine' was heard. She felt someone pick her up bridal style like she weighed nothing. She opened her eyes more. The butler was holding her close to his chest almost protectively. He took notice to her consciousness and gave her a sweet smile. Her face heats up and she smiled back weakly. She cuddled closer to his chest and closed her eyes. She slowly fell into a deep sleep.


I apologize for everything that's spelled wrong. I wrote this on my phone so stuff is bound to be spelled wrong. Do you think this story should continue? I like how it currently is. I'll try to update soon. Don't forget to go to my profile to read my other stories! Thanks so much for reading my story!!!- SebastainsWaifu (Elise)

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