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Amber jolted awake as she heard screaming coming from Natalie's room. It took her few seconds to realise what it was happening. She rushed outside her room and down the hall to her mother's room. 

Natalie was still sleeping. But the screaming didn't stop. "Get away from her." She kept yelling. "Amber."

"Mom." Amber talked, too scared. She wasn't sure what to do. "Mom, I'm here." But Natalie couldn't hear anything. Deep into sleep. "Mom, please go back to sleep. It's just a dream." She told her, like Natalie did when Amber was little and was having nightmares. "Mom." She gently touched her shoulder and Natalie woke up with a gasp. 

"Amber?" Natalie questioned when her daughter was the first thing she saw. She sat up and wrapped her arms around her daughter. She hugged her tightly, scared of losing her after the nightmare she had. "I'm so sorry, honey." Natalie took deep breaths, trying to calm down.

"Are you okay?" Amber asked.

"Yeah, honey. It was just a bad dream. Go to sleep." Natalie ran her fingers through her head and fell back down on her pillows. Amber left the room, not sure what to do. And as the minutes kept passing by and Natalie couldn't fall back to sleep, she got up and started her day. At 3 am. 

She took a shower, she made breakfast, she even cooked lunch for a change. She got dressed, she took the dog for a walk and by the time she felt herself getting tired again she had to go to work.

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The next morning, the chief had gathered everyone for a short meeting. He had planned out a new set of rules, that everyone needed to execute in order the hospital could get back to its former glory. "Hey, you hear anything about what the new rules are?" Hahn asked Mark who was sitting in the row beside her. 

"Last I heard you were at hand-holding, foot rubs, and lots of late-night gab sessions." Mark bent over and replied lowly to her. 

"Excuse me?" Hahn asked.

"You're talking about the Chief's new rules." Mark realised. "Thought it was you and Torres." The two women had started dating.

"Listen up!" The chief walked outside.

"I've been wrong before." Mark muttered and looked to his left, noticing Natalie resting her head on her palm with her eyes closed. "Nat." He said quietly, trying not to draw attention. The Natalie he knew would never fall asleep during work.

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