Innocent Harry Styles fanfiction rated R

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Innocent Harry Styles Fanfic* Chapter 1. As I made out of the awfully crowed room to the kitchen, I poured a glass of soda into my cup. Then looking up to see a tall, curly haired attractive male with fascinating green eyes wearing a black blazer, white tee with white converse and dark blue jeans . "I- Hey I'm Harry." he spoke in a deep calm voice. "Whats your name love?" " Brooke." I quietly spoke. "lovely name for a beautiful girl." his face had a suggestive smirk, I blushed. I suddenly noticed my phone pulled out from my jacket, "hey that belongs to me!" I look up to see the curly haired guy with my pink iPhone. "No need for sassy!" He returned my pink iPhone with a turtle cover to me. "You know, it matches your eyes., the case" I flirted. "Oh really, and what does this match?" I suddenly felt hot as harry stepped closer towards me touching my breasts. "Harry, what are you trying to do??" "Relax babe!" he whispered. "It'll be fun" I ran outside afraid of what he meant by that, frightened I sat in the corner, cold and alone. My phone flashed reading One new text message. From: Harry You didn't have to leave me here Brooke, I'm sorry I was really wasted earlier and you turned me on! x Hazz As I texted back, I looked over the message a few times, considering if I should send or not. I sent it. To: Harry Well, I'm sorry too I was just frightened of what you may have done. I mean, you just met me! -Brooke. "Found you!" I jumped, looking up to see a dark curly haired guy who I had seen earlier. "Really Harry!" I cried in relief. "I thought it was another weird guy!". "So your calling me weird?" He questioned. "Maybe" I whispered. "Follow me" he smirked and grabbed my hand, Harry then led me to his car. "Need a ride?" he flirted. "I'm pretty sure I had someone bring me here, no thanks, curly hair." I teased "Who is he? I'll kick his balls!" Harry shouted. "Harry, it was a girl, My friend Chels, why do you care?" He shrugged then spoke. " I don't know is that a yes?" He glanced at my black platforms, then to my sparkly dress up to my blonde straight silky hair. "You're really beautiful and I'd hate for you to go with some other guys in the car" he spoke, the sound of his tone had jealousy. "Well then I better text Chelsea that I have a "taxi" "Thanks means a lot to me." he smirked. We both had a long ride of silence until I decided to speak. "So.. You know I don't where I live, where are we going then?" I questioned. "A place you'll never forget. A smirk drew upon his face again. I liked it when he smirked, it was sexy. Harry's POV: A few times I glanced at the beautiful innocent looking sassy girl who was in my car. I didn't know much about her, and she didn't know much about me. Yet I was scared to speak to her, in fear that my words would be wrong. "So love." I spoke. She didn't say anything but from the corner of my eye I saw her turn to look at me. "How old are you?" I asked softly. "Seventeen, my birthday is next month, February." she replied shyly. "Mine too!! What day?" I asked interested. "The fourth, and you?" she blushed. "First, Wooo!" I exclaimed. Brooke's POV: As I walked out of Harry's car I noticed a big flat. "This yours?" I asked shyly. "Of course, come inside" he mumbled. I followed Harry into his flat watching him open the door knob. "Welcome to the place you'll never forget" he laughed. "Why do you call it that?" I questioned looking around the lonely looking flat. He must live alone, I thought. "Because it's the place you'll never forget" He replied. "Now close your eyes" I had my eyes closed as Harry led me outside, I heard him drag something and each time it clang, I was frightened, what could he of brought? "Now open your eyes and look" To my surprise, we ended up at a steep hill. "Har, what are we doing here?" I asked curiously. "Having fun." He replied, pulling out a deep ocean blue sled. "It matches your eyes" he flirted smirking. Harry pulled me on the sleigh. "One, two, GO!" he shouted as he bumped the sleigh down the hill, as it was going down fast, I felt a breeze of cool air and frost from my breath. "Harry! We're gonna die!" I shrieked as I saw a tree ahead of us. "Ahh!" He screamed as he pulled me away from the tree, suddenly I saw blood on his hand. "What happened? I asked afraid and worriedly. "I just scratched it from the tree, you were right we were gonna die, at least it was just a minor injury!" He cried. "Oh Harry!! Im sorry it was all my fault!" I sighed. "No it was my fault, Brookie, I wanted to show you I wasn't a bad person". "Harry, I believe you aren't a bad person you didn't have to prove to me." I spoke quietly. "I wanted to" Harry admitted. " and besides, I didn't hurt my self that bad we had a great time, besides that I got a few cuts." Harry put his hands on my waist and kissed me. His soft lips felt warm and he smelled like peppermints. " I like you" He softly spoke. "I like you too". I smiled. *** "Good morning beautiful ." Someone spoke, I look up to see Harry. "Oh morning Har!!" I said smiling wondering how I ended up in his bedroom. "You fell asleep right when we got back! So I brought you to the bed." He spoke just as if he knew what I was thinking in my mind. "I made you pancakes. " He smiled. "That was nice of you, Harry." I smiled back. The pancakes where heart shaped with strawberries and apple juice. "I really like apple juice." he commented, drinking some of mine and handing it back. "Keep it then." I suggested. "But I want you to have it, Brooke" he smirked. "I love it when you do that" I blushed. "Do what?" Harry asked, smirking again. "That" I said. "I love it when I do this!" Harry leaned in closer to me and kissed me, he still smelled like peppermints, sexy peppermints. "Brooke I have to go to work." He sighed. "What do you work for?" I asked. "I work in a bakery." He chuckled. "Sounds fun, where am I going?" I asked. "I'll drive you home, your mum is probably looking for you!" He commented whilst heading outside to get his car started. "Follow me love" he grinned. We headed out to his car whilst making sure I followed which I did. As Harry dropped me off I wondered if I'd see him again. Sadness came upon my face instead of a smile. 2 new text messages. I opened the first one. It was from Chelsea. From: Chels

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