🦃On This Day, We Give Thanks🦃

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Started writing this months ago, but just now finished it after revisiting today 😖😖

Prompt by 03bonnie "Thanksgiving, & in that could be the moment Chloe accidentally ate meat and she cried for 40 days and 40 nights. 😭😭😭"

Blue sat on the counter, carefully mashing potatoes while Halle held the bowl in place

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Blue sat on the counter, carefully mashing potatoes while Halle held the bowl in place. The angle made it difficult to mash, but the little girl was determined. Tina was finishing one of many sweet potato pies, crimping the edges to make a crust. "The potatoes look great, baby," the woman praised, receiving a smile from her granddaughter.

"Halle, you still helping me make the vegan cake?" Tina asked after a while.

"I can make it myself," Halle steadied the bowl when Blue mashed a bit too hard.

Tina pushed the finished crust to the side only to pull another round aluminum pan her way. "You sure? Your mama told me not to leave you alone in the kitchen... said something about cake batter on her ceiling?"

The girl smacked her lips, "that was one time, and Blue snatched the mixer from my hand."

"No I did not!" Blue exclaimed.

"So how did it get on the ceiling?" Halle shifted her weight.

"I don't know...gravity," the five year old shrugged.

"You don't even know what that means you just heard me say it," Halle rolled her eyes.

"Yes I—

"Aht," Tina cut in. "None of that back and forth today... It's Thanksgiving. You two should be thinking of what you're thankful for instead of finding any reason to disagree with each other."

"Hm," Blue dropped the masher into the oversized bowl and turned her nose up with a look of disdain plastered across her face. "I don't wanna mash these anymore...lil bit you do it."

Halle raised a brow, "that's your job, and didn't I tell you not to call me that?" She pulled the bowl away from her sister's thigh so another cooking mishap wouldn't happen.

"So, mommy says that's your name and I can call you that if I want because we're family," the girl rolled her neck before she hopped from the counter.

Halle sidled up behind her younger sister quickly bending to her height. "I don't care what mommy says." She whispered discreetly, looking over to see if her grandmother had heard her.

"Ooh, I'm telling!" Blue screeched. Busy as a beaver she prepared to take flight, but the older sibling had much more vitality than her and quickly caught the hustling child by the shoulder.

Tina shook her head at the two siblings as they went back and forth, coming up with new ways to insult one another. "Aight nah stop all that bumping cause if my cake fall, that there oven ain't gone be the only thing hot!"

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