yahoo answers

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yahoo answers is pretty much a forum where you can ask any question and someone would try and help you.

unless you're one of those trolls.

i s2g those trolls make my day man. "hELP MY BELLY BUTTON SUCKED IN HALF A LEMON!!!" "HELP I CAN'T TURN OFF CAPS LOCK!"

the replies are the best. "what drugs are you on. i want some." "I KNOW RIGHT?? THIS PROBLEM HAS BEEN PLAGUING ME FOR 5 YEARS. IT'S PERMANENT BRO. I'M SO SORRY FOR YOU/"

like fuck yes it makes my day a lot better and when i need cheap laughs or am bore, i pretty much google "stupid yahoo answers" and bam there you go.

but i am actually concerned like are there actually people who don't know what signs of pregnancy are, and that if you think you're pregnant you should go see a gynecologist? 

peace out girl scouts,

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