A Bizzaar Encounter

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As a gay man, there's nothing like experiencing your first drag show. Juno got to understand what the deal around them is two days after his eighteenth birthday. The lineup of girls seems interesting ranging from Britney Spears acts to group performances. Juno's best friend, April loves the shows and being a year older has been to many shows. She's pansexual and loves the queens. She's personal friends with a few of them actually.

The show had no set theme and Juno decided to wear something //easily removable// comfortable that he thought looked nice but wasn't super formal. He wore black pants that are loose in the legs but not baggy with a white leather belt, a light blue crewneck with a white collared t-shirt under it. He came out of his bedroom with a smile and April gasped.
"They're just going to eat you up!" She gushed, "let's go," and with that, they were off. There wasn't anything spectacular on the way to the venue but once they got there, Juno was amazed at how fancy the hotel looked and the number of glittery things hanging around. There were many posters up about the queens in the show, like you'd see the movie covers at the movie theatre. There was one queen in particular that caught his eye; Tokyo. He didn't say anything to April as they moved inside.

What Juno didn't know is that almost everyone noticed him. Mostly because he's new but some people took an interest in the new guest that was more than wanting to just meet him. One person, in particular, is Kurtis. Kurtis doesn't usually look for people during drag shows. He comes in, does his thing and goes. There can be so much drama that goes around and he's just not into that.

As the two were waiting for the show, April got snacks and drinks for them. The drinks are non-alcoholic. For snacks, she got Skittles, some gummy bears and pretzels for the already distracted toddler that she decided to bring along, aka Juno. By the time she got back to their table with everything, Juno was already making friends. She found him talking to some of the queens' mothers.
"So what brings you here tonight?" One asked and received a light smack from her friend.
"Look at him. He's a young gay boy, this is probably his first show," The other laughed. Juno smiled a bit.
"Y-yeah, this is my first show and I probably wouldn't have come on my own but my friend promised that she'd take me to my first show," Juno replied with a laugh.
"Oh that's good! It's much different from RuPaul's Drag Race and everyone needs to get nudged out of their comfort zone every now and then," The shorter woman said.
"I assumed that it would be different because they aren't competing against each other and it's not getting recorded for a show and I wouldn't say I was nudged, I'd say that I was violently shoved," Juno said, making the two women laugh.
"That's good for a person too," The shorter one said and a voice came over the speaker.
"Good evening ladies, gentlemen and gentle-thems, if you could please make your way to your seats that would be greatly appreciated. We'll start the evening in five minutes," the person said and Juno and his two new friends split and he found his way back to April, stopping to talk to almost everyone on the way there. He gave his snap to two people who asked for it before he sat down.
"I'm glad that you're enjoying yourself," April said and watched as he sat down with a smile.
"The people here are super nice!" Juno exclaimed and they settled in with their snacks as the first queen came out.

The show was mesmerizing. There was not one moment of the show that Juno wasn't enchanted by something, whether it was the people or the decorations, he was hooked the whole time. As the show was coming to an end, the one, the only Tokyo came out and Juno and Tokyo's eyes met instantly and Juno's breath caught in his throat. Tokyo winked at the boy and proceeded with her performance, making some extra dirty movements while holding eye contact with Juno. It took Tokyo three seconds to lay claim to Juno's attention and some other queens who were watching from the sides noticed this and smiled to themselves.

The performance went too fast for Juno's liking and Tokyo disappeared. Anyone else would think that she was waving goodbye to the crowd but no, she was waving to Juno. April noticed the two staring at each other and made a plan. The last queen did her act, they all came in to say goodnight and then they went off after the applause, people started to leave and Juno was just ecstatic.

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