10 little things that make me happy

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1) "our song"
like having a special song with someone/someone being reminded of you through a song it's really cute and sweet and makes me all warm inside

2) people getting excited over things
i honestly think it's really cute and especially if it's something rare and they're like "omg!" and they get mega excited and i can't

3) friends being shy in front of others but outgoing with you
it just shows how much trust they have in you and there's that feeling inside like "i can't hurt him/her" and it's really cute

4) nicknames
i really like it when people give me special nicknames like creative ones and i like to give people them. i actually don't have nicknames that are not related to my name but quite a few from my name even undesirable ones. *shivers*

but it's really nice and kind of thoughtful and it makes me really happy when i'm called it.

5) kittens/puppies
small bundles of cuddliness and joy and a pain in the ass

6) photos
i really really really like photography and when i go out and have my phone, i come back with like 30+ pictures of that place even if i have been there before because it's the compulsion to take them and remembee the trip

if you actually look through each set on different days, you'll see the focuses are different sometimes and you can tell their favourite parts too

and also looking back at photos is like remembering the past

7) friends conversing over another person's account
like long time friends and then one person tags the other in a post that reminds them of the other and it's really heartwarming when they talk about the past

8) having people stand up for you
i find it really nice and it's practically them saying "i believe you and i will defend you" and that's really sweet.

especially when you're being accused of something and almost everyone is against you/too scared to say you're innocent and then you just feel so helpless and then the person just steps in to help you and that restores faithe in humanity.

9) late night talks
like the person cares enough about you to stay up to talk to you (shh don't burst my bubble) and it's nice and cute

10) yahoo answers
this site is so damn stupid but yet hilarious and frustrating and makes me feel happy

so that's kind of it and i really like quite some little actions that show care but singaporeans are like so kancheong (singlish word, means in a hurry) and cold so i don't really see any kind actions around me

hell the security guard who talks to me after i come back from school kind of creeps me out because of his friendliness

so i have a shitload of rant ideas but i jUST DON'T HAVE TIME TO WRITE THEM WHAT BULLSHIT

i'll try to do at least 3 of them by next week, i promise

edit: that was a lie, i haven't updated in a year, but i'll try to get this back up and running.

peace out girl scouts,

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