The Tsunami

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  • Dedicated to Those Affected By Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Beautiful but deadly,

the ocean is strong,

a wave pushes forward,

with it its deathly song.

The tsunami charges incredibly fast,

people run, or stand aghast.

Taking with it rubble,

even dragging cars,

forcing it's way through,

people pray to the stars.

The tsunami crushes what's in its way,

everything is now nature's prey.

Fires are burning,

pipes set alight,

people run away,

from the fright.

The tsunami floods the nearest town,

people run so they don't drown.

Panic sets in,

people scream,

most busy is

a rescue team.

The tsunami leaves a damaged place,

the recovery is now an awaited race.

Farms are lost,

homes destroyed,

offices lost,

people unemployed.

The tsunami has come to an end,

but the town is far from on the mend.

 Japan & others affected <3

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