Black Water (Chapter 6)

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It didn't take me long to find them, anyone who had been at the school for more than a week knew that fire elementals normally hung out on a grass bank in one of the quads. Cole and Jake were laughing with some of their mates, drinking cans of coke. Jake glanced up and saw me coming, I could have sworn he gulped. He nudged Cole in the arm, who looked up and grinned widely at me.

"Ali!" He shouted getting the attention of everyone in the quad. "Come back for some more?" he asked as his friends sniggered. A jet of water came streaming past my head and knocked Cole over. The water had come from Cameron. Cole sat up looking unruffled.

"Cameron didn't you mummy ever tell you to share?" Cole shouted before dodging another jet of water which had came from my hand. People all around the quad had begun to circle round, making impossible for anyone to try and leave. Jake seemed a tad uncomfortable, he had shifted as far away from Cole as possible.

"I must say that you look extremely sexy when you angry Ali," Cole said still grinning, but his grin didn't stay on his face, not when about two tons of water crashed down on his head. Cameron and I had both used our powers at the same time. Once the water had cleared, a sodden Cole was dripping on the floor, his trousers were around his legs, revealing a pair of spongebob panties. He pulled them up immediately, ignoring the laughter chorusing from the crowd, glaring at Cameron and I.

"You'll pay for that" Cole growled letting a flame burst into life at his hand. He was just about to send the fire shooting at us when the teachers arrived, two of them stood in the middle. Letting shields form from their hands, people who can do that are called Sylphs a word which comes from some mythology. I know, I know, I should pay more attention in Supernatural Culture class.

"The next person to use their powers against another will end up in a month's detention," Mr Joy –the principal - shouted, the crowds began to disperse as everyone realised they wouldn't be a fight. Mr Joy took one look at Cole - who had let the fire die and was now standing still dripping wet - and then turned to Cameron and I.

"Which one of you used your powers?" He asked us sternly.

"I never used my powers." I said, while Cameron said the exact same thing.  Mr Joy frowned, before turning to Cole.

"Which one of them was it?" He asked Cole.

"I can't remember exactly," Cole replied. Cole maybe a total slim bag, and a bit of a bastard, but he follows the unspoken rules of being a student at Elton Cattrell School. One of the rules, is never grass. Mr Joy sighed realising that he wasn't going to find out who to put in detention.

"Very well. I suggest you get yourselves to class right away then. Oh, and if I find you using your powers unwisely again you will be punished," Mr Joy warned us. Me and Cameron smiled sweetly at him before glaring at Cole.

"So what's first session?" I asked as we walked back inside.

"Physics," Cameron replied, I groaned. Cameron grinned "There isn't a better way to start a Wednesday than lovely physics. Learning about atoms and particles is just my favourite, isn't it yours Ali?" He asked sarcasm dripping from his words.

"Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit Cameron," I replied dryly.

"But also the funniest," He replied, and I gave him a play punch in the arm. He yelped as if it hurt him, I just laughed.

Our class were all standing outside the classroom when we arrived, our teacher Mrs Keiko always ran late. Elle, Kayla and Darcy were all stood talking to each other excitedly. When they saw me the all put serious looks on to their faces.

"Doing that to Cole was totally unreasonable," Elle said first.

 "Extremely harsh," Darcy nodded in agreement.

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