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  • Dedicated to Those Affected by Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

The ground shakes, the plate sinks,

water displaced and a wave stands tall.

People scream and cars are taken,

water comes closer like a huge wall.

Travelling quickly across the ocean,

warning centres ring the dreaded alarm.

No country wants to ever experience,

the hazards and economic disasterous harm.

Higher and higher, the people climb,

trying to escape from the rubble coming,

faster and faster it sweeps in land,

Fires are starting in the plumbing.

There's no hope of any communication,

electricity lines are torn apart,

People are trapped up high in buildings,

even killed by nature's deadly art.

Standing on rooves, waiting for rescue,

nobody can return to the covered ground.

Ships are destroyed as they are carried,

cars float like sponges, completely drowned.

Much help will be needed for the recovery,

Why does nature take this turn, you ask?

it is not known for it is most random,

To help the needy is now the task.

My heart lies with Japan at the present. I hope that everything will be fine for them and that the tsunami does not hit anywhere else. Comment and Vote to show your support :) xxxx

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