Charlie the Ordinary Caterpillar: A childrens story

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A story for Casey on her sixth birth


          One very hot day Charlie the caterpillar was sitting on a leaf daydreaming.

  I wish I were not so ordinary he said to himself. I want to be beautiful like that flower. The flower was a beautiful yellow rose. Just then a red bird came and sit down beside Charlie.

Hi Charlie he said, what are you so droopy for.

 I want to be beautiful said Charlie but I am just ordinary.

 What do you mean said the red bird I think you are a fine caterpillar?

 But I want to be beautiful Charlie replied.

Well said the red bird, one of these days you will look at yourself and say I am beautiful, and off he flew.

Charlie decided to go for a walk near the pond. He walked for a while then stopped for a bite to eat. As he was eating he saw himself in the water. He looked and looked but still could not see anything beautiful about himself. What is beautiful about a caterpillar anyway he said? I guess that I will just have to be ordinary.

          The summer days went by and Charlie went about his way playing with his friends, but still wishing that he were beautiful. On rainy days Charlie would climb a tree and get under a leaf and take a nap. He liked the rainy days. When the sun came out Charlie would climb down and look all around and see what the rain had done. He thought everything looked so new and smelled so good after the rain. It madeeverything beautiful; the flowers would sparkle with droplets of rain on them. The sky would be so blue with the fluffy clouds floating lazily by. Charlie would smile and go to the pond to see if the rain had made him beautiful, but as Charlie looked in the water all he saw was an ordinary caterpillar, oh my he sighed not even the rain can make me beautiful.

One day as Charlie was nibbling on a very good leaf; he saw the red bird again.

Hi said the red bird, what have you been doing all summer long Charlie?

 Well said Charlie, I have just been playing and watching the flowers bloom, they are so beautiful.

Yes they are said the red bird. Just then two little birds came down and joined the red bird. These are my children said the red bird. Children he said meet Charlie.

Hi said the two little birds.

We just learned to fly said one of the birds.

We can fly so high said the other little bird.

What do you see when you fly said Charlie?

Well we can see the top of

the trees and the ponds below and all we try and catch the clouds.

Dad why can't we catch the clouds asked one of the little birds. I want to land on a cloud said the other little bird.

The clouds are not solid said the red bird; you cannot sit on them you would fall through.

 They float in the air and sometime they bring us rain said Charlie. They make the flowers sparkle like beautiful diamonds.

Yes said the daddy red bird. Clouds do wonderful things, why if we didn't have clouds we would have no water to drink.

 Sometimes you can make believe they have different shapes. Look at that one said Charlie, it looks like a dog with floppy ears.

It has a long tail said one of the little birds; it looks like it is running across the sky. Let's go chase it said the other little bird and off they went.