"You do?"

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My phone rings and the screen flashes with Mum's contact. I instantly feel sick as I replay the way Jake slammed Trevor's face into the floor. The crack and echo of the impact plays on a loop in my head. I close my eyes and inhale deeply, wondering whether Trevor is still alive. He certainly didn't look it when I last saw him.

I decline the call and a text message pops up seconds later. I grit my teeth together and turn my phone off, tossing it onto the bed. I really did not want to deal with that right now. Part of me is terrified for Trevor but the second half is pleased he experienced pain. Does that make me a sick individual? I wouldn't wish anyone to be hurt, especially by the hands of another human being. However I can't help feel like Trevor deserves it. I sigh, rubbing my temples with my hands. A soft knock on my bedroom door catches my attention —

"Come in," I say flatly, completely drained from the nights events. I'm surprised to see Tobias' face pop round my door, his eyes landing directly on me. He still hasn't apologised for his hurtful words and I'm starting to think he never will.

"What do you want?" I mumble and Tobias rolls his eyes which causes me to glare at him.

"The police are here."

"The police? Why?" I ask him, sitting up straighter. Panic begins to brew inside my chest and I inhale deeply. Tobias doesn't respond and invites himself in, bounced down onto my bed and placing his arms behind his head. I can't believe he can act so casual knowing the police are downstairs.

"Where's Jake?"

"He left a while ago, he didn't say where he was going." Tobias responds, looking back up at me. His eyes meet mine and he tilts his head slightly before speaking —

"What have you two been upto?" Dark brown eyes fill with curiosity. I stare at him for a moment wondering whether I can trust him with the truth. I decide I don't.

"We haven't done anything."

My voice appears calm and even I'm impressed with myself. Tobias scoffs, not believing a single word before looking back down at his phone.

"They want to speak to you," Tobias adds, sounding extremely bored. I stand up, knowing this would happen. There's probably witnesses that have seen Jake beat Trevor up and both of us are prime suspects.

I swallow the nerves trapped inside my throat, rehearing inside my mind what I'll say to the police. As I'm walking out of the door, Tobias speaks again. His words cause me to freeze on the spot.

"Don't ever tell them the truth Emily."

I turn to look back at him, noticing the intensity of his dark eyes. Without saying a word, I nod my head, telling him I understand. I can feel my palms begin to grow sweaty as I walk down the stairs, getting closer and closer to an interrogation by the police. I don't expect to turn into the living room and meet eyes with someone I've seen before.

I immediately freeze on the spot, my breathing hitching inside my throat.

He has the same dark buzz cut, chiseled jaw line and icy blue eyes. . . It's the man from the park.

My heart begins thumping against my chest, the sound of it echoing through my ears. I take a step back, confusion filling my features as I study his uniform, the police hat tucked under his arm.

He's a police officer? Well, damn.

Upon noticing my discomfort, a small smirk flickers across his face. I get the urge to reach forward and slap it straight off his arrogant face. He's sat on the end of the couch with Michelle sat opposite him. She's smiling at me tightly, her shoulders tense.

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