Contain mature contain. You've been warned !


It's finallly the weekend and I'm thankful that I got my ass work on all of the things I need to do. I'm working in an orphanage now, to help take care of the kids 4 times a week. The pay isn't as big, but the job itself is very enjoyable. I got to spend times with fun, not so fortunate kids. I'll start working next week and I'm excited to meet these little munchkin. The orphanage hold about 10 kids, it's not that big, since it doesnt have the money to hold more than 15.

Getting into a train to ride to the city, I cant wait to see Jesse and Thalia again. I'll be seeing my bestie tonight at a diner with her dad. Then the both of us might go to club for some late night drink and dance. I'm a little bit nervous, since I'll be bringing Jesse to the dinner. He said he want to meet the figure that's been supporting me. He's certainly up to it. I just hope he act in his best manner.

Me: I'm in the station, I'll be at your apartment in 10.

Jesse: Be careful. Dont text anyone while you walk, focus.

I smile at his sweet affection of always worrying about me, it's annoying but sweet at the same time. No man has ever been that sweet. I put away my phone in my backpack and call a cab to take me to Jesse's apartment. The ride take exactly 10 minutes and I directly let myself in. I called for him, but no one reply. I begin looking through the house but I could not find him. I thought he's home, at least that's what he said. Maybe hes out at a grocerry store, but does he even go to that place ever? I'm sure someone do it for him. I descend downstair and find a sticky notes on the bar.

"Early run, I'll be back soon."

I decided to take a bath, since I've been out for quite a while and I need to kill times before he comes back. Turning on the warm tap, I strip out of my cargo pants and tank top. I look at my body in the mirror and frown at the image I'm seeing in the reflection. pulling my hair up into a bun, I turn the music on, blasting music through my phone. (play the video)

' I've got some damn bad intentions
I've got some damn bad intentions
I got some secrets I forgot to mention
Haven't learned my lesson, woah oh
I've got some damn bad intentions
I see the world in 25 dimensions
I've seen evil reign over perfection
Blood heat over tension
And I know."

Singing along a little bit loudly, I laugh when I start imagining things with Jesse. I really am becoming bad because of him. I dance around the huge bathroom in my bra and underwear as I waited for the water to fill up the bathup.

"i've got some damn bad intention !"

I look at my dance through the mirror and I blush at how bad I'm. I should take some pole dancing class, maybe that would be useful if I need to seduce Jesse in the future. I was in the middle of my hip shake with a shampoo bottle as my microphone when the door burst open. i jump and scream.

"Jesse!," I scream, "What the fuck? have you ever been taught how to knock the door?."

He is shirtless and his body is damn sweaty. He look so hot, I want to touch those abs so bad, but I need to control my inner goddess desire. Plastering that famous smirk of his, he lean by the door, "What are you doing?."

Realizing what my attire currently is, I grab the curtain nd cover my body directly. His eyes bore into me more. "I was singing," I said nonchalantly, trying to hide the awkward and hot stare he's giving me. My heart thumping so loudly I feel like I'm listening to a drum.

"You got some damn bad intention dont you," He stroll toward me, and the v line on his abdomen is at the moment visible to my eyes and I stare at it for what seems like the longest 5 second of my life. His smirk grow bigger and he place both of his hand next to my shoulder. Sandwhiching me. If that's even a word. "You always torture me with those touch Amelia," my legs go weak as he pronounce my name and It become clear to me that he could make me wet just by saying my name, "It's my turn now."

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