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Jin : "You get off my child." //Pushes Jimin away and cradles fetus Jungkook//
Rap monster : "You still got no jams."
V : "Jam? What jam?"
Rap monster : // Face palms //
SUGA : "Who cares about this?" //Sleeps on Jungkook's pram //
J-hope : "Noooo! JIMIN IS MINE.MINE ALL MINE." // Slaps anyone that comes 10 Metres away from Jimin.
Jimin : "Can I just cuddle with Kookie now!" // Starts whining //
Jungkook : "Eww. no"
J-hope : "No."
Rap monster : "No."
Jin : "Absolutely not!"
Suga : //still sleeping//
V : "Are we playing a game?"
BTS : //Faceplams//

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