Chp. 2

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"So are you and Jordi gonna hook up or not?"

The comment rolled off of Maria's tongue so quick I almost didn't comprehend it, and I looked up to face the question. Her coffee-brown eyes were wide with curiosity, patiently awaiting my answer.

I shook my head, "Probably not, he's way too pushy. Plus I'm not that into him.."

"He's just asking to hang out you know, not like to marry you or anything."

I rolled my eyes, "What's the point of going on a sort-of date whenever I'm not into him like that? It's just gonna give him the wrong idea."

This time I saw something flash in her curious eyes, something that let me know she understood. "I guess you have a point," then she smiled, "So he's free?"

I laughed at my friend's asking for permission, knowing she didn't really have to ask. I nodded along in agreement, "Yes Maria, he's free."

"So are you going to tell me the theme of the Fall Recital or not?"

I announced, "I was going to tell everyone today during rehearsal."

She yipped in excitement, "Is it something cool?"

I rolled my eyes, laughing, "Of course it's something cool, and I've already started choreographing one of our sets."

"Can I try to guess?"

I shook my head, "No."

"Okay, then tell me."

I answered, "No."

She whimpered, "Oh c'mon Bree! I'm your bestfriend! You would if you loved me..."

I countered annoyingly, "You always have to ruin a good surprise."

She waved her hand, "I won't ruin it for everyone else, and I'll act equally excited when you tell them!"

I answered reluctantly, "Well since the recital's scheduled on Halloween night the theme is a "Night-mare to Remember", so the individual dances will have something to do with that. Our first number is girls only, we're dolls in a dollhouse. Our second and last number is a freak show."

Maria clapped, "Oh that sounds so exciting! What's the story line?"

I rolled my eyes, wishing she wouldn't pry out everything before I got a chance to tell the rest of the crew. I answered accordingly anyway, "Well the story is one person gets trapped in a bunch of different nightmares and that's what all the different acts are, different dreams. Get it?"

She nodded, "I got it, this is gonna be so exciting!"

I held my hands up, "The rest of the details will have to wait, so no more prying."

She smiled mischievously and nodded, "Fine."

Immediately my thoughts went to Drew as I thought about going to the gym this evening, and I was hoping she would be there. And if she wasn't you're not going to be disappointed...

I rolled my eyes at my internal thoughts, realizing it was wrong because if she wasn't I was in fact going to be disappointed. For some reason I looked forward to the feeling I got when I was around her even though it kind of scared me at the same time.

Then there was a snapping noise in my face, "Hello! Bree... what the hell? You just missed my entire rant on how my stupid Marketing professor gave us a pop quiz. I totally failed that shit."

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