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Sanu chal mere naal ik vaari, Nidhi said and dragged me inside one of the room.

Nidhi ki hoya ae tenu, bahar sab ni yaar, tujhe abhi ki baat karni hai, idda changa ni lagda na, ek vaari khud ohdi jagah rehkar soch, ( Nidhi what happened, everyone is outside what do you want to talk at present,it won't look nice, just think by keeping yourself at his place) I asked exhausted with the turn of the events no not just physically but mentally too.

Ae sahi hai tera, bahar te sab hai, sirf Sidharth hi dikhya tenu, ( This is strange, everyone is outside but what you thought of was only Sidharth) she asked settling herself on the bed and staring at me.

Bas kar yaar Nidhi, Tu kaddo di idda di ho gayi, jaddo di aayi ae ohde piche hi pad gayi hai, I said calmly. (Nidhi from when have you been such, you have been after him from the time you came here)

Kadde lagi aude piche main, ki kaya main unhu, baat bhi nhi kitti haje tak (When did I have been after him, I have hardly even talked to him) Nidhi said and it appeared more of a taunt to me.

Ohi tah gal ae, Tu gal bhi nhi kitti ohde naal, jado tenu pata hai oh Ashu da sabse purana dost ni, jandi aa na Jaan hai oh Adhu di, I said diverting the topic.
(Exactly you haven't even talked to him when you know how important he is for Ashu)

Gal na badal Sanu, Ashu de karan kiti jidda karni chaudi si, Aur idda ek dum Ashu varge mere close nhi ho sakda ooh, aur vaise bhi ithe gal teri thi, Ashu di nhi, she said.
(Don't change the topic Sanu, It isn't about Sidharth being Ashu's friend, I already talked with him as his friend and it's not he would get as close to me as he is with Ashu, it would take time).

Ki hoya hai chal das, (tell me what has happened) , She said when I chose to ignore the former one.

Kuch bhi nhi hua Yaar, I said tired of explaining.

Stop lying Sanu, Mujhse nhi toh khud se toh sach bol, tujhe bahut saalon se jaanti hoon, Tu uss insan ke baad kisi ko tere pass bhi aane nhi deti, aur yahan toh bade pyaar se Ji Ji karti phirti hai, she shouted and I looked at her stunned.

Shut up Nidhi, Just Shut up, you don't even know what has happened in my past, all you know is I left him, Sidharth isn't Vedant for God Sake, I shouted and left even before a tear dropped from my eye, was I crying for Vedant no I wasn't... He didn't mattered what matter was Nidhi and the moment I knew I did wrong, because what she said wasn't wrong, the fun loving girl died the moment my parents said all that, and in these years I hardly talked with anyone and what I had with Sidharth was something beyond my own imagination too, it's hardly two months but still he felt important.

I was composing myself when I bumped into a wall, wait no my house doesn't has a wall over here, Well the wall was Sidharth, when I looked up and I rubbed my nose looking at him intently because it was paining

I felt him removing my finger from my nose from my one hand and using his other hand to rub the spot and I felt all those tingling sensations in my body because of how close we were.

Shehnaaz, I heard Nidhi shouting and I immediately maintained the distance from Sidharth knowing very well that Nidhi was going to be super mad at me.

Nidhi, I spoke but without saying anything she just went from there, I sighed as I know I was at fault here.

Kya hua hai, Sidharth asked all of a sudden.
Nothing I tried hidding my tears but one drop left my eye and he was quick to catch it.

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