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"You think I'm beautiful?"
I ask in a small voice.

Luke's eyes widen as they flicker back to me.
"Red, I've always found you beautiful." He sighs, staring down at me.

My breathing picks up pace as I look into his gorgeous eyes.
"You shouldn't say things like that." I whisper, willing myself not to cry because of one little statement.

Luke snorts.
"Right. Wouldn't want to make the friendship weird." He scoffs.

I shake my head.
"It's not fair for Thalia." I say quietly, looking at the carpet in front of me instead of up at him.

Luke takes a step closer to me.
"Why would it be unfair to Thalia for me calling you beautiful?"

It's quiet for a moment, as he swipes a hand through his dishelved hair.
"Wait....Earlier tonight...You made a comment about Thalia being my girlfriend.....You...You think we're dating?" He asks, shock in his tone.

"That's what it's usually called when you're kissing someone." I mumble, crossing my arms tightly against myself.
There are some moments when you would like nothing more than to crawl under a crouch to die.
In order to avoid a conversation with Luke on who he's kissing, I truly wouldn't mind if a dust bunny came out from under the couch to suck me under right about now...

"What the hell are you talking about??" He asks with surprise.

I look up at him.
"I...I know you guys are dating...Captain pixie-cut told me."

Luke brows furrow in confusion. "Who?? You know on second thought...I'll just ask you that question when you're sober."

I shake my head adamantly. "The hunter. The one with the pixie cut....She told me...She told me that that you and Thalia were at second base..."

I pause, thinking something through.
"I don't know why people resort to baseball references for kissing...."

Luke throws us his hands. "Whoa...Back it up there. Somewhere you got really lost in translation..."

"I know." I nod.
"It's really confusing when people say second base...But I guess that's better than someone saying a couple was groping each other or playing tonsil hockey. If she would've told me that, I would've felt more jealous than I already was." I ramble, remembering the girl from earlier today.

Luke snaps his fingers to re-grab my attention. His eyes are narrowed, and his mouth has fallen agape.

"Did you just say you were jealous?"

Perhaps it's the alcohol talking, or maybe it's that I'm tired of hiding how I'm feeling towards him that I'm feeling I should be honest.

"Yeah. Enough that I wanted to hit her with my arrow, but I ended up hitting Grovers dad because Lord Glow-ball surprised me." I nod towards the carpet, the days events replaying in my mind.
Apollo has annoyed me enough with his prophecy to adopt the rude nickname Ares christened him.

Luke stares at me.
"Lord glow.....Grovers dad....." He shakes his head.
"I don't know what you're talking about, but answer me this. Were you really jealous hearing I kissed Thalia?"

Slowly, I nod.

Luke takes in a sharp breath, staring at me with wild eyes.
"Why the hell would you be jealous?"

This was a fair question.
I mean I tried killing the guy, and then when he told me he wasn't mad at me, I told him I didn't want to be with him.
I'm about the last person who should ever express hurt or jealously when I'm the one who threw him away in the first place.

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