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"I want to say no, so I'm gonna stick with that." Nico shrugs, sipping his own beer in hand.

The girls jaw drops, before she stomps off without another word.

"Byyyee no respect!" I yell after her, causing Nico to smirk.

"Take her back to our place, there wont be anyone there. Especially after she scared off my date." Nico sighs, motioning for us to head inside the Hades dorm.

"Thanks." Luke says curtly, before carrying me inside.

This is probably the friendliest echange I've ever witnessed between the two of them.

After Luke shuts the door, he's still muttering furiously under his breath.
This time without the noise of the crowd and people shouting around us, I can make out some of his words.
Danger prone, and not listening are what I can hear the most clearly.

Luke walks into the large TV room of the Hades dorm, before plopping me down on the soft blood-red couch.

"This time, don't move." Luke growls, walking out of the room for reasons unknown to me.

After being gone for over ten minutes, I finally get curious enough to see where he's wandered off to.
Standing, I feel slightly shaky as I attempt to walk. Balancing my arms out beside me, I take cautious steps as if I'm on a tight rope.

Luke finally re-enters the room, holding a bottle of water and a small jar of ambrosia.
 His angry demeanor is gone, now replaced with a comical expression as he watches me.

"You're entertaining while wasted, that's for damn sure." He sighs, walking over to me to hand me a small square of ambrosia.

I accept it, feeling the familiar warmness flow through me as I munch it.
Mmm...Gummi bears.

Luke unscrews the water bottle, before handing it to me.
"Drink." He orders.

I shake my head. "No, I'm good."

Luke's blue eyes narrow.
"I guess I got the impression  you've forgotten to make intelligent decisions for yourself when you were letting the little mermaid grope you." He replies quietly, holding the bottle in front of me.

I take the water-bottle, carefully sipping.
"I didn't like when he touched me." I shudder, remembering how I wanted Triton to stop kissing my skin.

Luke's eyebrows narrow.
"I hit him just when I thought you enjoyed it...I'm gonna go back and kick his pathetic ass for touching you when you didn't want him too." Luke snarls, beginning to walk away.

I think it's the ambrosia bringing me back slightly from my drunk stupor, or it's the thought of Luke going against someone who's literally a God  that has me sober up.
"What!? No...Don't be stupid!"

Luke whirls around to stare at me.
"I'm stupid!? When you sober up, let's go through all the dumb things......You're just.....The way you're dressed.....Ah." He grunts, glaring at me.

"You are the only woman who can drag this kind of behavior out of me."

I frown.
"What's wrong with the way I'm dressed?"

This is such a girlish think to ask. So very girly, and yet I feel deeply offended by him nontheless.

Luke motions his hand up and down.
"You're wearing tight clothes, a revealing top...Your hair is messy...Your green eyes are wide and innocent looking......You just.....You're beautiful. These things accent your features so perverted dicks are attracted to you." He says quietly, diverting his eyes away from me.

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