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Humpty Dumpty.... a rhyme that nearly all children have heard at least once. But did you know that Humpty Dumpty wasn't an egg?

Humpty Dumpty- a short stout person. Is usually foolish or clumsy.

In other words poor Humpty Dumpty was a man who fell off a wall and died on the cobblestones, crack wide open. Don't you just love nursery rhymes and the tales we are told?


Also to add, I did this story in a hurry so tell me what you think of it or if I should edit it (Once I have more time on my hands, of course)

Chapter 2

 Edmond La Voux stared out of the window of his carriage, watching the trees go by on the landscape while he fumbled with the pocket fob in anxiety. A thin layer of sweat covered his forehead- which caused him to dab constantly at his face with his handkerchief- while his foot tapped at the carriage floor.

 It had been three days since the man had seen his wife, Madam Adelle. It had been a chilly afternoon when Adelle came to him and informed her husband about her intentions to visit her niece.


"Oh that's nice, dear." He said looking up from the book he read. A fire roared in the hearth heating the room with its warmth.

 "It's anything but nice, sweetie." Adelle replied bitterly with a sigh. She stood up from the armchair beside him and wondered around the room. Her slender fingers grazed over a bust of Edmond's late father. She sneered at the small statue of the elderly man. The now dead man had cheated her and tricked her into marrying his worthless and spineless son and she naturally hated him for it.

 "Adelle, I think you're over reacting. She's just-" he quickly cut himself short and instantly regretted speaking.

 Adelle spun around to face her husband, her beige dress tightly twirling around her form. "Just what? Must I remind you that she killed my sister? Must I remind you she made my brother-in-law kill himself?" Edmond cleared his throat and adjusted his reading glasses.

 "Uh, so why are you going over there if you hate her so much?" he asked. Adelle stood in front of the fire and held her hands to the flames, warming them and watching the flames dance wildly before her.

 "I need to ask her something. That's all." Edmond glanced at Adelle again but didn't say anything, despite the feeling that that wasn't all she needed to do.

 "Okay. Well, I guess we could leave tomorrow morning to-"

 "I'm leaving today to see her. The sooner the better."

 "Oh. I'll get ready then." The man turned his book shut and prepared to stand.

 "I don't need you to come with me, Edmond."Adelle said stopping him. Edmond was surprised but accepted it with a low tone alright.

 In a few hours Adelle was gone, on her way to her niece's estate. Just moments after she left Edmond called for the servant, Mitchell, to do a favor for him.

 "What do you mean Mitchell's gone!" he questioned the servant girl who informed him.

 "He left a little while ago with Madam Adelle." She told him calmly. Edmond sighed and rubbed his forehead. He had brought Mitchell just a few months ago along with another servant, Mitchell's brother. They were helpful around the house and there was little that the two couldn't do when asked. At first they were worth all the money Edmond spent to get them, but now Mitchell was becoming a problem. Lately he was spending more and more time with Adelle and Edmond didn't like it.

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