Chapter Fifty-Eight

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"Stop, get away from him?" Hannah pushed passed Diana and ran towards Bill Dexter. "You don't know who he is."

Bill Dexter laughed as two of his men, dumped an unconscious Scott into a heap on the floor, right next to a similarly unconscious man that Hannah had never met before. Bill kicked out at Scott's limp body.

"I know exactly who he is Hannah. He's lucky I haven't blown his head off already."

"No, you don't understand," she said and threw herself in between the Bill and Scott.

"Move, "Bill ordered.

"Hannah," Diana pleaded, her hand pressing against her chest.

"Move her," Bill instructed the two men.

The two men moved towards Hannah.

"Don't you dare touch me," Hannah hissed at them. The men faltered in their stride and looked towards Bill.

Bill laughed again, this time though it sounded unhinged, reckless.

Still unable to give her eye contact he replied, "tell me, Hannah, have you any idea who you're protecting right there? Have you any idea of the pain and torment he has inflicted on the likes of ...?" His voice died out.

Us. Hannah knew exactly the word he couldn't bring himself to utter.

"But he isn't what you think he is."

"Oh, I see what this is." He lowered his eyes to hers. "My Shane's body is barely cold and you've taken up with Briggs's bloody henchman."

She shook her head. "You've no idea what you're talking about. If it wasn't for him, I'd be dead right now at the hands of your men."

"That can still be arranged." Bill glared back at her.

"Enough of this!" Amelia walked over and stood between Hannah and her husband.

"Amelia, I've told you not to inter...," he began to warn.

"Shut up, Bill," she interrupted. Her husband's posture dropped, giving him the look of a scolded puppy. "As I was saying, I have no idea what your relationship with this man is and frankly I don't care, but you must understand that he is Briggs's right-hand man and therefore our enemy. I promise, that for now, we'll not harm him, but he is going in a cell until we know more about him and why he is here; if only for his own protection." She gave her husband a warning stare.

"Thank you," Hannah said to Amelia. "Do what you have to do, but I am staying with him."

"But, Hannah..." her birth mother called out.

"Diana. Hannah is a big girl and she can make her own decisions," interrupted Dan.

"Thank you," Hannah mouthed to her adoptive father. Sticking close to Scott, she followed three of Bill Dexter's men as they carried Scott up to the room that she'd shared with Tucker earlier. They left the other man that Scott had arrived with, still unconscious on the floor, guarded by Melody and Bill.

As Scott was placed on the bed in the room, Hannah heard a male voice shouting from further down the corridor.

"Let me out, let me out, now! You are going to pay for this, do you hear me!"

Hannah recognised the voice of Clairbourne. Amelia nodded to one of the men who walked off towards the room the Professor was being held in

"Nothing for you to worry about," Amelia replied, seeing Hannah looking uncomfortable in the door way. "Now, I'll get you some water and a dressing for his head, seeing as you're so concerned about this friend of yours."

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