[Verse 1]

You wanna cry, but the tears just won’t come

You wanna yell, but not at anyone

You wanna hide, but there’s nothing to hide from

You sit here silently while you go numb


It’s more than an emotion

Like you’re sinking in the ocean

You try to reach out

But you’re weighed down


Wanna know what you feel

You’d feel better if you were able to give these thoughts a label

Up and down, left and right

At the end of this dark tunnel

You’re finally gonna see the light

[Verses 2]

You stand, by faith and hope that you don’t fall

You step, even if you have to start with a crawl

You search with your heart cause your eyes can’t see it all

Faith is trusting the unseen when you feel so small



Finally gonna see the light


Savior –He’s what you need

Savior –He’ll set you free

Savior –So you won’t feel numb

Savior Savior


Its more than an emotion

Sinking in the ocean

Try to reach out

Weighed down (4x)


Finally gonna see the light

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