36// Tori

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Re-opening my eyes and took a breath. Trying to keep my eyes away from where I know Officer's Murphy's body currently still is.

Marcus hasn't coming back since he shot his brother, I don't know what to do.

I mean he killed his own brother, in cold blood....and he enjoyed it. If he can do that to someone who he grew-up with, who loved him. What did he do to those other girls? What's he going to do to me if I don't play along with his sick game? I'm tired...and really could use some hope right about now.

Snapping out of my fearful thoughts as I hear footsteps getting closing to the door.

Keeping my eyes on the door, just as it opens and steps in Marcus. Automatically his eyes find me, and he smiles, like we're old friends. I need to be smart about this, I need to not provoke him, I need to be calm and try to talk to him kindly.

"I thought you might be hungry" he says to me, as he bends down to face me. Its only then I notice the bottle of opened water with a straw and a candy bar in his hands.

Trying to gain his trust and looked at the drink and food in-front of me, I really don't want to touch them, but I don't have a choice, I'm thirsty and starving. And if I'm going to get out of here, I going to need my energy.

Taking a few sips of the water through the straw and then a bite of the chocolate bar, shallowing my food and then met his eyes.

"Thank you" I mumble. Marcus's eyes light up and his smile grows winder.

After a few more bites of the candy bar and a little more water, he pulls them back and sits on the floor a few inches away from me, but still so he was in-front of me.

He hasn't looked over to where his brother's dead body is, it's then I understand that he doesn't care about what he has done, he has no remorse for any of it.

Keeping my eyes on him, waiting to see what he does next.

"I remember the first time I saw you; I was sitting alone in Ray's diner at the back, thinking why the hell I was even in this little town-;" Marcus slowly started to say to me.

"Then the bell above the door echoed through the place and I looked up and there you were. You were breath-taking, you were with another girl that day. But it was you who captured my attention, the way you smiled, the way you laughed, you were just beautiful, and I sat there, and I watched you....thinking about how I would get you to be mine" he said the last part in a creepy tone.

"And then what did you do Tori?" He asks me, shaking my head and looked at him. But my stubbornness in me, refuses to answer him, to give him anything, even though I know I should play along to save myself.

In a flash he's closer to me and tugs on my hair, forcing me to face him.

"ANSWER THE QUESTION" He yelled in my face,

"I left town..." I bite back, shaking my head to get him to release my hair.

After a short second of just staring at me, he smiles and then let's go of my hair.

"Yes, Tori you left me....after that day in the diner, I left you notes and flowers, I tried to be romantic first, but it wasn't enough, and you still went away"

"It wasn't like that, I had to leave I had to go to college" I explained hoping to get his trust.

Marcus jumps to his feet and paces again, like he does when he gets annoyed, like he did with his brother.

"NO! You didn't have to go.....you chose to go....I hated you for that, it's why I tried to replace you so many times"

"With the girls that went missing?" I ask him, trying to put the puzzle together.

"They looked so much like you, but they weren't you. I tried to make them like you, but I couldn't so they had to go" He shrugged like it was nothing once again. How can one person be so cold, so inhuman.

"Where are they Marcus?" I keep my gaze on him, hoping that maybe I can find out this information, for their families.

"That's not important anymore, they're gone. But I wouldn't have find them if you didn't leave.....you shouldn't have left me...." His pacing came more unstable. As he turns his back to me for slight second, I catch a glimpse of the gun in the back of his jeans.

"Your right I shouldn't have left I see my mistake now....you just wanted me to stay close because you care about me" I lied to him, trying to act sincere.

Marcus stops pacing the room and stops still to face to me.

"Your lying....just like Miles does... you lie..." shaking my head.

"I'm not lying I promise, I see it all clearly now. Everything that you've done to prove how much you care since I've been back...the flowers, the notes"

"And I tried to keep that cops brother away from you, you weren't supposed to be with him that night....you aren't his to have or his brothers"

Trying to keep my fury at bay as I hear him admit what he tried to do to Deacon the night his car got blown up.

"I know I understand why you felt like you had to keep him away and Derek too..."I snapped my mouth shut as he glares as I mention Derek name.

"DON'T SAY HIS NAME" His anger starting to boil over now.

"I'm sorry, I won't do it again" Marcus body relaxes a little and then he turns to stare at me once again.

"You really are beautiful...Victoria" he says softly to me, as he bends down and pushes a piece of fallen hair from my face to the back of my ear trying to gain control of my fear....because I am scared and I'm not ashamed to admit that. Because fear keeps you alive...it makes you want to survive.

"Thank you" I whispered, letting out a relieved breath when he moves away from me.

"Do you think maybe we could get out of here? Just for a few moments....I promise to behave and not run; I want to stay with you....I just need some air..." I broke off and looked away from him softly before flicking my eyes over to his brother.

"Please...I can't stay here with him." I cried. Marcus looks at me unconvinced for a second, concern, miss-trust all in his cold eyes.

"You can keep the handcuffs on too, please Marcus...I don't feel well in here"

We keep our eyes on one another, I just need to get a way out of here and then maybe I could find a way to escapee from his clutches.

"You promise you won't leave me? That you won't run" He whispers to me.

Focusing a smile on my face and nodded my head.

"I promise" 

Marcus keeps his gaze on me for a few more moments, before he finally gives in and nods, before unlocking the handcuffs from the wall and pulls me to my feet and guides me out of room.

Time for a plan Tori....

time to find a way to run and bloody survive.

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