FanGirl Problems

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Have you ever had that moment when you look/think of two people and your like "Omg I ship them so hard?"
But the only reason you ship them is because one of the people your in love with is shipped with them a lot and you want them out of the way? No never think of that? Nvm then, #FanGirlProblems JNwolf
Yes JN you should get this reference, but don't accuse me again of the Julia incident k?

Have you ever just talked to someone and you can immediately tell their like you? About how you can just talk to them, even when you barely know them, but you already love them because of the clothes/etc stuff their wearing from your fandom.

It's hard to find other people like me I guess, their aren't a lot of girls out their today that accept my fandoms and my attitude. I guess fangirls stick together, but nether the less FanGirl life is such a bitter sweet things. Loving someone so much for real and they don't even know you.
Sitting there all day shipping them with other people when you rather just have them to yourself. Who cares about age differences when there fake ID's and closets?

Being a FanGirl is hard because you don't have a life. You've dedicated your life to this one thing and you love it so much you must have more. Crying during Xreader fanfic's because you wish it was you or staying up til 3:00 reading a good fan fiction and then cry when they never update.

Being a FanGirl is hard because no one understands your fandoms unless your apart of that fandom. Have you ever made an amazing reference to a fandom and then no-one gets it, and then your like "If you tell an awesome fandom joke and no ones around to get it, are you normal?" And the answer to that is yes. Obsessing over people you know you can't have doesn't have as big as heartbreaks, but the connection is real.

Being a FanGirl is so hard because you love them so much that others classify you as a stocker. Watching their videos every day, watching their twitters/instagrams every move, and freaking out at a twitch notification during lunch is totally normal right? RIGHT?!? Oh whatever, don't mind me as a summarize my life.

And last but definitely not the least is that being a FanGirl is hard because your friends talk about how your addicted to a fandom in class and then everyone thinks your crazy. We having freedom of speech, I have the right to fricken talk about the latest episode if I want to sheesh. I don't care if I sound crazy, your crazy for thinking I'm crazy about thinking your crazy. If I want to wear an outfit that expresses my fandom one day I don't care if you don't like it, go punch yourself in a mirror and learn to deal with it, BECAUSE IM A FRICKEN FANGIRL AND IM PROUD OF IT!!!

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