Chapter 20

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         Days had passed since they had their moment yes! Their moment she thought. And she noticed he was avoiding her. His demeanor changed as day changes to night and it had her confused. What even had her confused was her feelings. She wasn't suppose to be feeling this way.

Her mind wandered as she slowly walked the courtyard.

The slight ruckus and noise from afar towards the stable caught everyone's attention except hers.
The stable boy was struggling with an unruly horse that just did not want to be saddled or ridden. The stallion reared up and lunged forward with his hooves causing the stable boy to fall back.

Quickly he stood and grabbed the harness and tried to calm him down. But the effort only won him a harsh nudge as the stallion reared up again and lunged forward trying to get free.
His last attempt at calming the wild beast only angered him more. With that he fought more and won, taking off on a full gallop towards the entrance of the courtyard in Tara's path heading straight for her.

She was so lost in her thoughts, she had no clue she was in any danger.
It wasn't until harsh arms took her around the waist and pulled her safely out of the way.

Frightened by what happened she quickly blinked and watched as the men passed her running after the stallion.

She turned to face Duncan as he still held her close.

His feature was unreadable . He quickly stood her up and scowled.
She did not understand why he looked so angry.
Trying to control her racing heart from the sudden frightening  experience, she breathed in deeply.

He was upset that she wasn't careful. The idea that she nearly got trampled  sent his heart racing as he quickly walked towards her and pulled her out of  the way.

"You must watch where you are going," he spoke in a gruff tone.

Confused with his demeanor she looked at him and frowned.

"I'm sorry I didn't see him coming," she replied thrown back at his manner of speaking  to her.

"Of course you did not," he grumbled turning to walk away.

"Excuse  me?" She trailed after him.

"What is your problem?" She asked.

He spun around to face her. Their eyes met and she could see he was annoyed and bothered but did not understand why.

"My problem, Is you," he growled. "You have been my problem since the day I laid my eyes on you"

He watched as her eyes saddened and immediately changed to anger.

"And you have been the bane of my existence  since I met you!" She whispered heatidly

Immediately his eyes shot up amused at her retort.

"Is that so," he was irritated with her response.

"Yes!" She snapped .

"T'is good to know how you really feel," his eyes darkened .

"Like wise," she shot back.

The little hellion before him stood with arms crossed and such a heated glare that felt the urge to grab her but refrained, turned and began to walk off.

"If I'm such a problem, then why did you kiss me?" She called out stopping him in his trail.

Like a clap of thunder that fell between them, they stood in silence.

Neither saw Aidan come close nor paid attention to his words .

"Children you are causing a scene," he said between his teeth watching onlookers stop to watch them.

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