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There is this warm feeling when you get home, after a long day, or several days away from it. This comfort that you feel knowing that your bed is waiting for you.

And they say that sometimes your home is not a place but a person. So as Natalie was unlocking the door of her house with her daughter right beside her, she felt at home. And that's all she needed for her muscles of her body to relax. That's what she needed to breathe again, after all those days in San Francisco. She had to deal with her ex husband and his doctors. Her ex husband's family. The social worker for her daughter. And when she was finally done, she helped Amber pack everything and they got the first flight back to Seattle.

Isaac was doing better and Natalie had done enough for him already. She had nothing more, no more energy to see him. She was glad that Amber's father was alive and she only hoped that she wouldn't have to talk to him or see him ever again.

She needed that peace of mind. Maybe that's why she couldn't sleep at night. San Francisco was her hometown but it wasn't her home, not anymore.

But then again Seattle had a different kind of drama for her and she couldn't exactly avoid it.

"Home sweet home." Natalie exclaimed as she threw her suitcase on the floor. "Aren't you excited to be back? Aren't you happy?" She asked her daughter who had just woken up. She had slept through the whole 20 minute ride from the airport to their house.

"Yeah." Amber yawned. She was still a little shaken up from the accident and everything that went down, but at least she was glad that she was back with her mother.

"Amber get that frown off your pretty face. Everyone is okay. You are okay. Your father is okay. We are back here, together. And everything will work out this time." Natalie pep talked her.

She closed the door behind her as Amber entered the house. The teenager couldn't help but smile at the familiar place that surrounded her.

"I know, I'm just trying to get used to everything. Things kept on changing so many times, so fast." Amber sighed as she placed the bags she was holding and took off her jacket once her mother turned the heater on.

"Okay, I know." Natalie wrapped her arm around her daughter's shoulder. "But we gotta celebrate this, yeah? This is our house. You're going to see your friends, that boy you liked. And we gotta celebrate that. We can do anything you want. Anything."

"Anything?" Amber questioned. "Aren't you tired? You haven't slept the last few days. Almost at all."

"I've slept." Natalie shrugged it off. "Now, what do you want? Name it. You want to go out for dinner? You want to go to a concert? I'm down for that. Do you want to go to the carnival? Do you want to go to the spa?" Natalie hoped for the spa because she need all type of massages to relax.

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